Happy 25th Birthday EU Internal Aviation Market

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25 Years of EU Internal Market for Aviation

EASA posted a congratulatory message to its parent organization, the EU, for its 25th year of Internal Market for Aviation. The Single Europe as a commercial aviation entity was born back in 1992, there has been a revolution in commercial air travel. According to EASA:

  • Today, air travel is cheaper, safer and open to more people than ever before.
  • What’s more, because of a comprehensive set of EU passenger rights, travelers can have full confidence they will be looked after on their journey.
  • This is all thanks in no small part to an EU initiative to replace a series of national rules by a single set of EU rules, known as the EU Internal Market for Aviation.

25 EU Internal Aviation Market

EU Aviation: 25 years of reaching new heights

The EU, on its own website, celebrates this quarter century’s progress with text and these graphics: 

EU Internal Aviation Market

Congratulations for all of that progress.

The immediate future holds some challenges, like BREXIT, Single European Sky, Single European Sky ATM Research and the EU emissions trading scheme.


Happy to celebrate EU Aviation Market #EUAviation25
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