End the Misery! The City of Santa Monica is demonstrating that it does not want to meet its assurances.

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ARTICLE: Airport Commission Revisits Emissions Limits at SMO


The City of Santa Monica is the putative sponsor of the above picture airport which is an essential element of the aviation capacity of the Los Angeles metropolitan area aviation capacity. Its repeated efforts to outright close or limit/destroy its capacity may well exceed all of the cumulative actions of all other US airports. Its attacks have included repeated assaults in the courts.

Now the City is trying a new approach to trying to cripple the aviation activity by local ordinance. Its newest creative, destructive tactic involves a proposal to limit emissions from aircraft operating at SMO. The source of this newest attempt is a 2006 UCLA School of Law study commissioned.

This long history establishes a pattern which may well violate Grant 5, Preserving Rights and Powers that airport:

“…will not take or permit any action which would operate to deprive it of any of the rights and powers

necessary to perform any or all of the terms conditions, and assurances in the grant agreement

without the written approval of the Secretary, and will act promptly to acquire, extinguish or modify

any outstanding rights or claims of right of others which would interfere with such performance by the


Here the sponsor, the City, is inflicting wounds by legislating controls intended to limit the airport, an issue which the City has repeatedly lost. If found to have breached this basic promise, it can be asserted that the City has materially breached the Grant and that the sponsor should be terminated. In that case the FAA could assert reverter and take over the ownership/operation of this beleaguered facility.The FAA has managed three airports in the past; bring

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