Where is the Emergency in this FAA Action against Island Air?

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FAA Issues Emergency Order of Suspension for Island Airlines

Shows that Compliance is not lax

Suspension totally justified

Long Gap between incident and FAA action

The FAA’s Compliance Philosophy has been highly praised by aviation experts around the globe and totally misunderstood by several of our elected officials in Washington, DC. Contrary to the uninformed critics, the FAA has initiated a significant number of criminal actions since the new policy has been in place.

The allegations of this Emergency Order of Suspension dated May 7, 2018, clearly more than justify the suspension   Generally, an EOS is only issued when there is evidence that two conditions exist: (1) the certificate holder’s actions evidence a question of qualification or demonstrate a determination not to act in accordance with regulations, and (2) because of the certificate holder’s connection with aviation a continued use of the certificate is likely.

What is curious is that the dates of Island Air’s “violations” span March 2017 to November 20017.  How can this action be justified if the EOS was issued between 14 and 5 months after the events in question? WHERE IS THE EMERGENCY if the carrier has been allowed to continue to operate while the FAA cogitated about the proper regulatory response?

N.B. an internet search did not resulted in any Island Air St. Croix, LLC website except a Facebook page.














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