EBAA announces synchronizing of SESAR’s and NextGen’s Implementation Dates

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Article: Europe’s SESAR Program Now in Sync with NextGen


Commonality of air traffic control systems is critical to aviation safety. The use of English as a universal language is proof that minimizing variations is more important than something as national significance as the native tongue.

There have been major concerns that NextGen, SESAR and GLONASS may utilize systems that involve technologies which will not allow the aircraft avionics of one country to readily integrate with the other ATC equipment. That worry has not been fully resolved, but here is a minor adjustment by SESAR which suggests that the value of universal operability is recognized.

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) and European operators were able to convince Eurocontrol to move the implementation deadline for its Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research program (SESAR) by three years to the date for NextGen implementation. EBAA’s Senior Manager for Economics and Operational Activities Belarmino Gonçalves Paradela characterized the development as follows:

“By doing so, [Europe] is not only synchronizing with FAA’s ADS-B mandate (which becomes effective in 2020), but is also sending out a clear message to the industry that it wants to take our concerns more into consideration.”

That’s good news!

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