Duncan Aviation offers Safety Benefit /Cost Analysis for NextGen BA Equipage

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To many, perhaps most and certainly all but a very few cognoscenti, little is known about the precise equipage requirements of NextGen. Everyone is generally aware that aircraft seeking access to airspace will have to acquire and install equipment, but exactly what, when and how much are still amorphous concepts for the average user. Duncan has more than filled that knowledge gap with sophisticated assessment of what the costs and benefits of that additional expense will be.

The Administrator has testified before the House Committee on Small Business on the subject of the benefits and challenges of the introduction of this new technology for GA aircraft. He said that the deadline for aircraft flying into the designated airspaces must have ADS-B equipment by 2020. He indicated that following airspaces are included:

· Class A,

· Class B,

· Class C

· Class E airspace areas at or above 10,000 feet mean sea level (MSL) over the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia, excluding the airspace at and below 2,500 feet above the surface and

· within 30 nautical miles (NM) of the nation’s busiest airports must be equipped with ADS-B Out capabilities

He adds that if you plan to avoid all of these blocks of air traffic control areas, then you do not have to buy this equipment. He offered no price lists and did not mention the other technical requirements which will be imposed.

Duncan Aviation is a first rate MRO which focuses on business aviation. Its Duncan Debrief magazine includes a timeline of the NextGen mandates. There one can find a “Dates You Need To Know” article which includes all of the mandates under NextGen (FANS/FANS 1/A, ATN-B1/CPDLC, TCAS II 7.1 and ICAO).

What may be unique is Duncan’s Cost/Benefit Analysis. Such an assessment, typically, provides operators with some quantification of the safety benefits to the owners as measured against the costs of each requirement. That is an analysis which the airlines would love to see from the FAA for their equipages. Such a tool will facilitate the users’ purchase decision.

This sort of specific analytical information will greatly advance the decision-making for these aircraft and hopefully provide a guide to prepare this segment of aviation for the demands and advantages of NextGen.

Congratulations, Duncan Aviation. BA owners and pilots should be sure to stop by NBAA Booth 208! Maybe get a copy for the FAA.

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