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UAS Digest #38: Our Weekly Drone Publication

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May 27, 2016

Upcoming Events
FAA asks Disney about its exemption
Before Amazon?
Interested perspecitve on how drones should be regulated
FAA Asks for Industry Feedback through Advisory Council
Spain has its Drone near misses
UK incidents of near misses
Drones used for Reforestation
How not to disturb Wildlife with your Drone
Drones and the Fashion world
Union uses (?) drones to battle enemy
State considers criminal sanctions for Drone use, but stops
Virginia’s Governer moves to make the Commonwealth a Drone hub
Africa is attracting Drone Test site
Good advice on Privacy from panel
Great example of Humanitarian us of Drones
Should you be allowed to prevent Drones from flying over your Property?


Bad News

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→  Simultaneous Flights Of A Civil Drone & Manned Aircraft Occurs In A Spanish Airport

→  UK incidents of near misses – Drones in near-misses with planes almost once a week as pilots warn of ‘unacceptably high’ crash risk

→  Exclusive: Powerful Philadelphia Union Accused of Using Drones to Intimidate Enemies – Union uses (?) drones to battle enemy



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→  General Atomics Subsidiary Forms UAV Training Partnerships With CAE, UND Aerospace Foundation

→  UND, CAE sign contracts with General Atomics for UAS training

→  Airware Aerial Inspection for the Telecom Industry



City and State Economic Development and Government Use

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→  General Atomics Subsidiary Forms UAV Training Partnerships With CAE, UND Aerospace Foundation

→  UND, CAE sign contracts with General Atomics for UAS training

→  Nevada program tests flying drones to sniff out radiation

→  Ohio well positioned in drone industry, expert says –


City and State REGULATORY Action

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→  NH lawmakers fail to reach compromise on new drone regulations – The House and Senate passed competing bills this session that set state parameters on how and where people and the government can use drones, but lawmakers were unable to reach a compromise deal Thursday, and the legislation died.

→  Senate halts bill to include drones in criminal statutes – State consider criminal sanctions for Drone use, but  stops.

→  Virginia Governor to facilitate research to develop unmanned systems technology for aviation – Virginia’s Governor moves to make the Commonwealth a Drone hub.

→  Unmanned aircraft partnership gets FAA authorization – The FAA has approved a new flight corridor in central Virginia for unnamed aircraft testing.

→  How many drones are in your zip code? Use our interactive map

drone publication



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→  How to Pilot a Drone in Drone Racing – Drone Racing allows players to experience racing as a drone from the first person perspective.

→  WN on the Scene: Drone Racing in Hartford

→  Airbus Launches Cargo Drone Challenge – Local Motors is partnering with Airbus to launch a “worldwide co-creation challenge” to advance commercial drone technology.



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→  General Atomics Subsidiary Forms UAV Training Partnerships With CAE, UND Aerospace Foundation

→  Virginia Tech among 35 organizations joining Know Before You Fly

drone publication

→  Maui Teachers Workshop on Drone Design

drone publication

→  DronesDirect to offer consumers free drone pilot training and safe flying demos

drone publication


Enforcement and Threats

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→  DJI blasts ‘irresponsible’ report – The 860 reports of drones flying over residential properties included concerns that users are flying the unmanned aerial devices to spy on children, and criminals are using them to plan burglaries.

→  Butler County sheriff’s office to use drone for investigations



FAA Actions, Appeal, and Reactions

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→  FAA Quizzes Disney on Proposed Drone Exemption – The FAA has responded to Disney’s request for an exemption under Section 333…After a period of time soliciting comments from the public — 12 in all, most decidedly against granting Disney the exemption — the FAA has responded, but with a series of questions seeking more clarification on Disney’s intents and implementation.

→  FAA forms new Drone Advisory Council – FAA asks for industry feedback through advisory council.

→  Small UAV Coalition Urges Reform to FAA Exemption Process

→  When Will Small UAS Rule be Published? The Embarrassing Timeline

→  Unmanned aircraft partnership gets FAA authorization – The FAA has approved a new flight corridor in central Virginia for unnamed aircraft testing.

→  FAA Small UAS Rule Timeline

drone publication


FAA Reauthorization and UAS

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Foreign Regulatory Actions

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→  Registration to Fly a Drone in Nigeria Costs $4,000, in the US it Costs $5

→  Police Join Forces To Defeat Enemy Drones – Police chiefs in Britain are working with NATO to introduce possible anti-drone technology to combat the threat posed by drones.

→  Government To Regulate Drone Operations – The Union Government to soon formulate a policy that will identify drones using UIN and regulate its operations.


Good News

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→  Mercedes’s Fashion Week in Australia shoots models from new angles.

→  Great example of Humanitarian use of Drones – Meet the Robotic Lifeguard that Rescued 300 Syrian Migrants from Drowning

drone publication

→  Ex-Nasa man to plant one billion trees a year using drones – Drones used for reforestation.

drone publication



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→  Drones taking off in insurance industry – Hartford property and casualty insurers are on the frontlines testing the nascent technology that is beginning to have appeal to a broad rangoe of industries from retail to real estate.

→  Online Quoting Platform for Commercial UAV Insurance

drone publication


International Developments

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→  Africa is becoming a testbed for commercial drone services

→  India’s draft drone policy: registration, operator license, flying conditions & more

→  Drone pilots ready to service the movie and media industry but are regulations too tight? – UAV Industries, the Western Cape’s only drone pilot training centre, with just four training schools currently in South Africa, has certified its first batch of 14 graduates.

→  CAAF issues warning – Drones need to be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji before being flown.



Market Forecast / Investment

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→  3 Hot Drone Stocks to Buy – Demand from these new sources has Goldman Sachs predicting that the global market for these devices will be worth a staggering $100 billion by 2020. That’s up from just $552 million recorded in 2014.

→  What does the future hold for drones? China may know



Legal Information

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→  Should You Be Allowed to Prevent Drones From Flying Over Your Property?


Media Use

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Operational Developments

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→  New drone service would make urban deliveries possible – Before Amazon?

→  PWWA looks toward regulations of whale watching drones

→  Using drones without disturbing wildlife – Researchers say that steps should be taken to ensure that UAV operations are not causing undue stress to animals.

→  Time Between Overhauling Main Topic at Xponential – The German engine manufacturer presented its complete drive concept to the North American specialist audience.

→  Unmanned aerial vehicles fast becoming tool of choice for checking crop health

→  Aiming High to Strengthen the Grid – Edison Electric Institute, which represents America’s investor-owned electric companies, and Sharper Shape — a global leader in asset inspections via drones — recently announced an innovative new partnership.

→  Storm Ventures Group Partners With Upstate Aerial Training and iRoofing to Provide Advanced Drone Training to Construction Contractors


Person/Company in Drone Nation

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drone publication

DRL is the premier drone racing league. A sports and media company, DRL combines world-class pilots, iconic locations, and proprietary technology to create engaging drone racing content with mass appeal. In 2016, DRL will host a global race series culminating in a World Championship.

drone publication

DRL CEO Nick Horbaczewski

drone publication

DRL CEO Nick Horbaczewski, 35, discovered UAV racing after being introduced by his hobbyist friend Ryan Gury. “He took me out to a field in Long Island where a bunch of guys had got together,” he says. Horbaczewski, a former chief revenue officer at Tough Mudder, immediately saw the potential. “This is [like] the early days of motor racing, when the only people racing cars were the people building them,” says Horbaczewski. “If you look at the sales of components, it’s a big movement – thousands of people.” DRL’s races aren’t like your usual maker meet-up: its Racer2 drones, used by all pilots, are custom-built to exacting race specifications.

Gury, now chief product officer, built a proprietary radio system (video disconnecting used to be a problem) and LED rigs, which make the drones easier to follow and lend a Tron-like aesthetic.

Each drone contains two cameras: one standard definition, which streams live video to the pilots, and one high-definition, used to splice together videos for sharing online. Camera drones and ground cameras film every angle. “We’ve worked on that a lot,” says Horbaczewski. “It’s hard to think of another sport that is as three-dimensional, as fast, and in as small a space.”

DRL has six races scheduled across the US in 2016. Currently invite-only, it plans to introduce live audiences “and ultimately live broadcast experiences”, Horbaczewski says.

The company has already raised $8 million (£5.6m) in funding from investors including the owner of the Miami Dolphins and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy (enthusiast alert: Muse’s 2015 album was titled Drones).

The next step: scaling up and recruiting more pilots. DRL has released an online simulator that lets amateurs try a course. “We’re seeing people posting incredible scores,” Horbaczewski says. “Put a drone in their hand and give them a few weeks, they might become a superstar.”



(excerpt from Forbes)

Hurtling at 70 mph around tight corners and narrow straightaways, jostling for position against other racers, your favorite racer closes in on the finish line. You watch him round the final turn, but he cuts it a little too tightly and crashes into a concrete wall, smashing into a million pieces.

Thankfully for the racer, he was just piloting a drone—like in the video above—and the audience was watching the live feed from its onboard camera. First-person drone racing, where racers fly drones using video goggles connected through radio to the drone, is a burgeoning sport. The first US national drone racing championship took place last summer in California, but few braved the heat to watch it. A new company, however, thinks it has figured out how to turn the visceral excitement of watching drones fly through courses at high speeds into a sport. Today, the Drone Racing League (DRL) announced its inaugural racing season. The league hopes to be the Formula 1, NASCAR and MotoGP of drone racing, and has secured backing from venture capital firms and celebrities to make that a reality.

Technical innovations

Some of the biggest issues plaguing the fledgling sport right now are technical. The video feed between a drone and the video goggles needed to pilot is currently rather grainy. Higher quality HD videos cause the feeds to lag, which can lead to acute motion sickness for drone pilots and a sense that you’re watching a beat-up old VHS recording for the audience. The DRL’s solution to this problem is a bold one: Forget live viewing (at least for now).



USA Today: Drone Racing League: The Sport of the Future
Published: February 11, 2016

Wired: The Insane, 80 MPH Drone Racing League Launches With Wrecks Aplenty
Published: February 10, 2016

PSFK: Drone Racing Prides Itself On Being the Ultimate Spectator Sport
Published: February 9, 2016

Tech Insider: A Professional pilot told us why drone racing could become the next big sport
Published: February 3, 2016

NPR: A Video Game IRL: Drone Racing League Aims to Be NASCAR In The Air
Published: January 31, 2016

Today Show: Drone Racing is a new sport with sky high ambitions
Published: January 30, 2016

Time: The Drone Racing League Is Building an Insane New Sport
Published: January 28, 2016

Fox Business: Watch: The Drone Racing League is Building an Insane New Sport
Published: January 27, 2016

Quartz: There’s now a drone racing league that feels like pod racing from Star Wars
Published: January 26, 2016

Bloomberg: New Drone Racing League Wants to be the Next Nascar
Published: January 26, 2016

ABC News: Drone Racing is About to Become a Spectator Sport
Published: January 26, 2016

Sports Illustrated: Drone Racing League announces 2016 circuit opening
Published: January 26, 2016

ABC News: Now There’s a Drone Racing League
Published: January 26, 2016

Entrepreneur: There is Now a Global Competitive Drone Racing League. Seriously.
Published: January 26, 2016

Vice: The Drone Racing League Wants to Be to Drones What the WWE Is to Wrestling
Published: January 26, 2016

Fortune: 7 Ways AR and VR Will Change Tech in 2016
Published: January 4, 2016

Wired: Drone Racing League Will Give You a Wild Robot’s-Eye View in VR
Published: November 17, 2015

New York Times: Gentlemen, Start your Drones
Published: November 11, 2015

Slate: Welcome to the World of Professional Drone Racing
Published: October 19, 2015

LA Times: Will drone racing fly as a sport?
Published: August 23, 2015

CNBC: Sky is the Limit for Drone Racing: RSE Ventures Chief
Published: August 17, 2015

ESPN: Proponents say sky’s the limit for sport of drone racing
Published: August 14, 2015



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→  Good advice on Privacy from panel

→  PWWA looks toward regulations of whale watching drones

→  Multi-stakeholder group finalizes agreement on best practices for drone use


Regulatory Policy

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→  Why You Shouldn’t Think of Drones Just as Planes – Interesting perspective on how to look at drones should be regulated.

→  Call to minimize drone impact on wildlife – How not to disturb wildlife with your drone.

drone publication



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→  More research projects featuring drones get OK from UND committee – UND faculty members are planning to use a rural piece of university property to conduct research utilizing unmanned aircraft to train law enforcement officers and map vegetation.


Restrictions from parties other than FAA

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Safety Research

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Technology Development and Research

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Upcoming Events [UPDATED WEEKLY]

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Drone expo brings ‘Game of Drones’ to Crestview—May 28

→ Canada has a good calendar and one event is DRONE MUSIC DAY SATURDAY MAY 28, 2016



Nordic UAS Event 2016—June 1-3, Denmark

The Commercial UAV Show – Middle East—Dubai (2016 dates not confirmed)

Data X Conference—June 3-5, San Francisco, CA

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Seminar & Industry Certificate—June 7-9, Daytona Beach, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS)—June 7-10, Arlington, VA

USI Conference Washington—June 13-15, Washington, DC

UAV Remote Sensing Applications Course—June 13-17, Barcelona

Unmanned Global Systems—June 13-17, Paris



ICUAS, International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems—June 7-10, Arlington, VA



Evolving drone law on conference agenda—August 3, Canberra

US National Drone Racing Championships—August 5-7, New York City

national drone racing championships

Midwest UAS conference—August 16-17, Dayton, OH

drone publication

UAS Summit and Expo—August 22-24, Grand Forks, ND

  • The 2016 event, focused on both small and large unmanned aircraft systems, will feature industry and military leaders, UAV manufacturers, payload providers, designers, and commercial operators with the most important insight of today’s UAS world.
  • The 2016 program will provide in-depth analysis and timely presentations from 75-plus speakers focused on the following for both small and large unmanned aircraft systems.
  • The Summit, taking place in what many have called the “Silicon Valley of Drones,” offers the most open airspace in the country, vast tracts of farmland, infrastructure to test on and the nation’s first unmanned aircraft degree program.

The Commercial UAV Show – Africa—August 23-24, Johannesburg, South Africa

China Commercial UAV—August 25, Shenzhen, China



The Commercial UAV Show Asia—September 1-2, Singapore

InterDrone: The International Drone Conference and Exposition—September 7-9, Las Vegas

→  Second Women in Drones Event Planned for InterDrone

Drone Experience—September 16-17, Nantes, France

UASympEx—September 18-19, Hamburg, Germany

ExpoDrónica—September 22-23, Zaragoza, Spain

Commercial UAVs—September 27-29, Royal on the Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

DronItaly—September 30-October 1, ModenaFiere, Modena



USI Conference San Francisco—October 3-5, CA

→  First Age of Drone Expo—October 7-8, Dortmund, Germany

INTERGEO Co-Hosts German UAS Event—October 11 to 13, Hamburg, Germany. The “interaerial SOLUTIONS Expo. Forum. Flight Zone for UAS”- A showcase for manufacturers, UAS users and operators, accessories, software and end-to-end solutions will be co-hosted at INTERGEO

The Commercial UAV Show—October 19-20, London

The GeoConnect ShowCo-located with The Commercial UAV Show (above)—October 19-20, London

Precision Entertainment, Conference for Hollywood film and television influencers—October 26-27, Hollywood, CA

Commercial UAV Expo—October 31–November 2, Las Vegas



Drones, Data X Conference—November 3-5, Ireland

Drone World Expo: The Defining Event for the Commercial Applications of UAS Technology—November 15-16, San Jose, CA

USCEI Unmanned Systems Conference & Exhibition India—November 17-18, New Delhi, India



National Drone Show – December 7-8, Washington, DC

International Drone Expo & Business Conference – December 9-10, Los Angeles, CA


To Be Announced & After 2016

F3Expo is the world’s first drone technology and lifestyle event for all ages and skill levels.

→  Hartford UAV Challenge –  “We plan on having some UAV events in Westport within the next year and hopefully something at the 7th annual Westport Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, April 22, 2017,”



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