UAS Digest #34 (4/29/2016)

drone publication
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UAS Digest #34: Our Weekly Drone Publication

April 29, 2016

Cities and States issuing regulations with Congress considering preemption
Enforcement Actions taken by others than FAA
Total of 5,000 section 333 exemptions issued, night time ops exempted
RFID download works; could be used to ID on ground?
FAA and NASA test ATM and FAA talks Integration
Senate passes FAA Reauthorization
24 stories about foreign regulatory actions

Drone headed to National Air & Space Museum
Astounding Operational Developments
Drone Nation Highlight is DJI
Safety Research Advances



Bad News

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→ Drug drone operator sentenced; just wanted pot— height violation?

→ Shoot the Blighter! Anti-drone ‘death ray’ may be installed after Heathrow plane collision (VIDEO)

→ Insight: ‘Everyone’s waiting for the first drone disaster



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→ DuPont joins Verizon, Yamaha, USAA in PrecisionHawk funder

→ Textron joins Centre for UAS – News – ShephardTextron joins Centre for UAS – News – Shephard

→ EMSA tender for surveillance UAV

→ How Chevron Plans to Use UAVs and AI to Deliver Big Profits — The Motley Fool



City and State REGULATORY Action

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→ Cleveland city council expected to adopt law regulating drones

→ Local Police Can Enforce Drone Regulations Under New Cleveland Law

→ Fire officials urge drone operators to avoid 16-Mile Fire air space










→ Future of drones up in the air–Arkansas

→  Barnstable bans drones from beaches – The Boston Globe

Drones Raise Privacy and Safety Concerns Among Locals  –WV

→ Editorial: Better oversight of drones crucial




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Regional officials talk impact of UAS needs on workforce, education…

City Council approves water utility loans, drone research and accepts Smart City grant | Community Impact Newspaper



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→ Engineering Team Competes in International Drone Competition




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→ Drones Endanger Wildfire Operations–PA


Enforcement and Threats

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NZ first: Man on trial for flying drone over Canterbury forest fire

→No decision yet on drone pilot trial

→ Paris Police Are Shopping for High-Performance Drones to Spy on Crowds


→ Photog Kicked Off Plane for Trying to Be a Responsible Drone Owner

→ ADS Advance – Drone Tech and Atkins develop UAV RFID system–instead of registration , could this be used to identify UASs?

→ Drug drone operator sentenced; just wanted pot— San Diego

→ Shoot the Blighter! Anti-drone ‘death ray’ may be installed after Heathrow plane collision (VIDEO)

→ Amazon Criticized by U.K. Government Over Drone Safety



FAA Actions, Appeal, and Reactions

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→ FAA Approves 5,000 Section 333 Exemption Petition Grants; Gowdy Brothers Aerospace Consults on Next Steps

→ Big News: Small UAS Rule at OIRA for Final Review

→ NASA, FAA Test Sites Conduct Largest Drone Management Test

→ ANALYSIS: FAA creeps closer to UAV integration

→ UAS Symposium Broadens Dialogue on Integration

FAA Urges Non-hobby UAS Registration Via New System

UAS Symposium Broadens Dialogue on Integration

FAA Reauthorization and UAS

→ U.S. Senate Passes Bipartisan FAA Bill Marking First Step to UAS Regulations | JD Supra

→ NATE Commends the U.S. Senate on Passage of FAA Reauthorization Legislation – Inside Towers



Foreign Regulatory Actions

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→ Drone legislation dangers–NZ

→ Drone users need permission to fly within 4km of Marlborough aerodromes

→ Major Kenya airline awaiting green light to launch commercial drones –

→ If it’s a drone, you need a permit for it – Mumbai Mirror –

→ No laws in place to govern drone use, but users can be charged–Jamaica

→ Want to fly drones? Follow these guidelines – Times of India

→ DGCA releases draft guidelines for drones–India

→ India Joins U.S. With Rules for Drones as Safety Concerns Mount

→ All drones in Dubai ‘will have to be registered from May’

→ Photography drone commissioned by Mandurah RSL despite warnings from Civil Aviation Safety Authority–Australia

→ Drones face net of rules

→ Flight paths: Dubai sets out zones for drones

→ Drone operators under strict rules from JCAA

→ CASA drone regulations threaten safety: industry group

→ Dubai becomes world’s first city to monitor drones

→ Now, obtain permit to fly a drone–India

→ CAAP amends rules on drones operation–Philippines

→ Anzac Day: People warned not to use drones at services

→ Warning over drone use in Love Beach area

→ Zambia drafts drones regulations

→ New laws on drones, but will anyone follow them? Cyprus

→ Zambia to start regulating use of drones

→ Bahamas Government on Illegal Drone Activity

→ Amazon Criticized by U.K. Government Over Drone Safety

Good News

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→ The first drone to complete a delivery in the US is on its way to the Smithsonian








Colorado students build drones to help Africa


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→ ZANETTE Aviation Announces Drone Insurance (UAS / UAV Insurance) Information Page Update – Press Release Rocket

→ Third-party liability of drone operators and insurance requirements

→ Provision of Third Party Liability Insurance for OSCE SMM UAV Fleet | OSCE

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International Developments

→ Sri Lanka’s drone pioneers / Perspectives / Regulars / Home – ICT Update, a current awareness bulletin for ACP agriculture

→ Drone manufacturers expect uptick in business with government proposed policy change

→ Sri Lanka UAV survey for disaster preparedness

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→ Recent research: VTOL UAV market to grow at 10.83% CAGR to 2020 – WhaTech

→ Are Drones Going To Be A Big Deal?

→ How Chevron Plans to Use UAVs and AI to Deliver Big Profits — The Motley Fool

Legal Information

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→ UAS/FAA/Products Liability | Lexology



Market Forecast

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→ Report explores the global VTOL UAV market and emerging trends and forecast 2021 – WhaTech

→ Drone robots market from 2016 to 2022 worldwide analysis and forecasts detailed in new research report – WhaTech

Technavio Predicts the Global Mobile Robotics Market to Post a CAGR of Over 12% From 2016-2020

Airborne and unmanned: the rise of the drone



Media Use

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→ Photog Kicked Off Plane for Trying to Be a Responsible Drone Owner


Operational Developments

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→ Drones on the horizon: new frontier in agricultural innovation

→ New modifiable drone can help researchers scan the changing Antarctic ice shelf

→ UAVs as Tool for Urban Planning

→ Interactive Aerial takes flight — inside

→ Will ‘mind-controlled’ drones take off?



→ Modelling Prague Castle with a UAS



→ Conservation in the Age of Climate Change: Why Scientists Are Banking on Drones for Tracking Coastal Climate Research

→ ADS Advance – Drone Tech and Atkins develop UAV RFID system

→ Nebraska researchers using drones as firefighting tool | Fox News

Bomb-sniffing drone technology developed at UW could become nightmare for terrorists

Drones Will Transform Sports Photography—Once the FAA Gets Out of the Way

→ Use of drones for inspections cuts costs, safety risks for energy firms

→ Experimental drone used for controlled burn

→ University Of Nebraska Drone Tested During Controlled Burn At Homestead National Monument Of America



Person/Company in Drone Nation

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 The Founding Fathers of DJI – UAS VISION




Jon Resnick

  1. Associated Press,
  2. Reuters
  1. The George Washington University


Policy Lead
January 2015 – Present (1 year 4 months)Washington D.C. Metro AreaPolicy Lead in Washington DC for DJI. Working to educate, advocate, illuminate and demystify the amazing potential for sUAS.

I work on DJI’s policy efforts in Washington DC with a focus on promoting best practices and effective regulations. I work on issues related to operator and aircraft standards, airspace access and management, privacy and aviation R&D policy. Serve on the boards of the Small UAV Coalition and Drone Advocates for Public Safety (DAPS) and chair the Consumer Electronic Association’s Drone Policy Working Group. Prior to joining DJI I had a 20-year career in broadcast journalism, most recently at the Associated Press. There I spearheaded the news agency’s program to incorporate drones into professional newsgathering operations. I was also a founding member and played a leadership role in the News Media Coalition, a group of more than fifteen major media companies conducting formal UAV testing at an FAA sanctioned site. My wife Sarah and I live on the border of the DC NFZ in Oakton, Virginia.

Planning Editor
Associated Press
April 2007 – December 2014 (7 years 9 months)Washington, DCResponsible for editorial, operational and logistical news planning for AP’s television, online and radio platforms. Responsible for identifying emerging stories, preparing daily editorial outlook and leading the morning editorial meeting. Responsible for maintaining the editorial calendar, identifying coverage requirements and proactively deploying resources. First point of contact for evaluating and coordinating enterprise news coverage with AP’s print, online and photos divisions. Responsible for managing all aspects of major events coverage. Responsible for identifying needs and deploying resources in a breaking news environment. Deep knowledge of both domestic and International newsgathering. Given AP’s vast client base, position requires extensive knowledge of both domestic and international issues.
Washington Producer
1993 – 2005 (12 years)


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→ Privacy Issues Hold Key for Civilian Drone Use: Experts–India

→ Drones Raise Privacy and Safety Concerns Among Locals

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Regulatory Policy

→ India Joins U.S. With Rules for Drones as Safety Concerns Mount

→  CASA drone regulations threaten safety: industry group

→ US mulls tech to disable rogue drones near airports – BBC News

→ UAV Filmmaking Raising Safety Concerns, Interest In Hollywood

→ OPINION: The unknown impact of UAV collisions



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→ MIT Develops Control Algorithm for UAV Swarms

→ MTSI Completes Small Unmanned Aircraft and Air Traffic Management Technology Assessment of PrecisionHawk’s LATAS platform for Department of Homeland Security – MFRTech

→ Task scheduling system for UAV operations in indoor environment

→ SFA forestry students flying drones to help in study of environment



Restrictions from parties other than FAA

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→ Students’ on-campus drone use unfettered by policy


Safety Research

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→ NASA, FAA Test Sites Conduct Largest Drone Management Test

→ MIT Develops Control Algorithm for UAV Swarms

→ MTSI Completes Small Unmanned Aircraft and Air Traffic Management Technology Assessment of PrecisionHawk’s LATAS platform for Department of Homeland Security – MFRTech

Ultralight Weight Low Cost ADS-B Transponder for UAS – UAS VISION

→ NASA puts UTM drone ATM through stress test

→ Island University part of first-ever flight of 22 drones testing NASA’s air traffic management research platform




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Technology Development and Research

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→ ‘UAV-based remote sensing will be like using a cell phone today’


Upcoming Events [UPDATED WEEKLY]

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Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition 2016—The Silicon Valley Drone Show, April 27th, 28th, and 29th 2016



→ May 2–5, 2016 | Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans REGISTER

drone publication


International Drone Day—May 07

European DroneConvention—May 10, Belgium


DroneShow Latin America—May 10-12, Brazil

Roma Drone Expo & Show—May 13-15, Rome

Unmanned Solutions Forum (USF)—May 18-20, Romaero Bucharest

Registration now open for May webinar on UAVs–May 19

GEO Business 2016 Launches Popular FREE to attend Workshop Programme |—May 24-25 London, England

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference—May 26, Netherlands

Drone expo brings ‘Game of Drones’ to Crestview—May28

→ Canada has a good calendar and one event is DRONE MUSIC DAY SATURDAY MAY 28, 2016



Nordic UAS Event 2016—June 1-3, Denmark

The Commercial UAV Show – Middle East—Dubai (2016 dates not confirmed)

Drones, Data X Conference—June 3-5, San Francisco, CA

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Seminar & Industry Certificate—June 7-9, Daytona Beach, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS)—June 7-10, Arlington, VA

USI Conference Washington—June 13-15, Washington, DC

UAV Remote Sensing Applications Course—June 13-17, Barcelona

Unmanned Global Systems—June 13-17, Paris



ICUAS, International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems—June 7-10, Arlington, VA




Evolving drone law on conference agenda—August 3, Canberra

Midwest UAS conference—August 16-17, Dayton, OH

drone publication

UAS Summit and Expo—August 22-24, Grand Forks, ND

  • The 2016 event, focused on both small and large unmanned aircraft systems, will feature industry and military leaders, UAV manufacturers, payload providers, designers, and commercial operators with the most important insight of today’s UAS world.
  • The 2016 program will provide in-depth analysis and timely presentations from 75-plus speakers focused on the following for both small and large unmanned aircraft systems.
  • The Summit, taking place in what many have called the “Silicon Valley of Drones,” offers the most open airspace in the country, vast tracts of farmland, infrastructure to test on and the nation’s first unmanned aircraft degree program.

The Commercial UAV Show – Africa—August 23-24, Johannesburg, South Africa

China Commercial UAV—August 25, Shenzhen, China



The Commercial UAV Show Asia—September 1-2, Singapore

InterDrone: The International Drone Conference and Exposition—September 7-9, Las Vegas

Drone Experience—September 16-17, Nantes, France

UASympEx—September 18-19, Hamburg, Germany

ExpoDrónica—September 22-23, Zaragoza, Spain

Commercial UAVs—September 27-29, Royal on the Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

DronItaly—September 30-October 1, ModenaFiere, Modena



USI Conference San Francisco—October 3-5, CA

INTERGEO Co-Hosts German UAS Event—October 11 to 13, Hamburg, Germany. The “interaerial SOLUTIONS Expo. Forum. Flight Zone for UAS”- A showcase for manufacturers, UAS users and operators, accessories, software and end-to-end solutions will be co-hosted at INTERGEO

The Commercial UAV Show—October 19-20, London

The GeoConnect ShowCo-located with The Commercial UAV Show (above)—October 19-20, London

Precision Entertainment, Conference for Hollywood film and television influencers—October 26-27, Hollywood, CA

Commercial UAV Expo—October 31–November 2, Las Vegas



Drones, Data X Conference—November 3-5, Ireland

Drone World Expo: The Defining Event for the Commercial Applications of UAS Technology—November 15-16, San Jose, CA

USCEI Unmanned Systems Conference & Exhibition India—November 17-18, New Delhi, India



National Drone Show December 2-3, Washington, DC

International Drone Expo & Business Conference December 9-10, Los Angeles, CA


To Be Announced

F3Expo is the world’s first drone technology and lifestyle event for all ages and skill levels.


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