UAS Digest #33 — 4/22/2016

drone publication
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UAS Digest: Our Weekly Drone Publication

April 22, 2016

Drone hits BA jet at LHR—whoops, maybe not; HEAVY PRESS on “hit”
Cities and States doing a ton of Eco Dev work
Competition running wild in new events
FAA grants NIGHT §333
Senate moves FAA Reauthorization, HR not so fast?
Foreign Regulatory Actions expand
Operational Developments almost infinite in variety
Research continues to explore the boundaries and add to Drone tech and operational capabilities


Bad News

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→  Drone hits British Airways plane approaching Heathrow Airport – BBC News

drone publication

→  Statement on Heathrow drone incident | UK Civil Aviation Authority

→  NOT SO FAST‘Don’t overreact,’ says transport minister as he dismisses concerns that a drone hit a BA jet and says it could have been a plastic bag

→  Obama London visit: Drones to be banned in the capital – BBC News

→  Drone crashes into BA flight: Are UAV manufacturers to blame for lack of safety?

→  Drone in near miss with light plane in Adelaide: CASA

→  Drone sightings near U.S. airports by the numbers

→  Another drone had a close call with an airplane

→  Drone pilot ‘breaks every rule in the book’ by filming above London



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→  Where are all the commercial drones?

→  Best Drones – Golf Digest—golf magazine rates drones for use in golf

→  MOTA Joins Know Before You Fly

→  Top 10 States for Drone Use in Construction | Construction Equipment


City and State REGULATORY Action

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→  Council approves city drone ordinance

→  Editorial, 4/16: Local drone rules needed—Lincoln, NE

→  The Latest News on Unmanned Aerial Systems – The War Between The Drones States



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→  Droneport seeks flyers; Aerodrome seeks to expand UAV use through training, education—Boulder, CO

→  Drone industry slow to take flight in Kansas

→  Renfrew County drone used to scout slide

→  UAS Safety: Efforts Underway at Lone Star UAS Center

→  UAS Test Site In Rome Conducting Flights In Support Of NASA

→  Hoeven: North Dakota UAS is taking off

→  Welcome To Drone-Kota

drone publication

→  Solar Electric Drone Company Honored by Innovation New Mexico

drone publication



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→  Scunthorpe man becomes first to fly drone across English Channel

drone publication

→  Drone expo brings ‘Game of Drones’ to Crestview

→  UAS Racing Coming to Prescott | Prescott, Arizona | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

→  Is FPV drone racing the new Formula 1? Big tech brands jump on board the exciting new sport

→  Russia Drone Grand Prix: Quadcopter racing tournament kicks off in Moscow (VIDEO)



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→  Bedford FD members take course to use UAS |


→  PVCC gets certification for UAS course


Enforcement and Threats

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→  CAA condemns the use of drones close to airports | MRO Network


FAA Actions, Appeal, and Reactions

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→  FAA Grants Its First Approval for Flights of Commercial Drones at Night

→  FAA Administrator Speech – “Unmanned Aircraft Systems”


FAA Reauthorization and UAS — But a few of many, many on the subject

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→  Senate FAA Bill Would Bring Drone Deliveries Closer to Your Door

→  Senate Passes FAA Reauthorization Bill

→  Heitkamp: FAA Reauthorization Bill would Boost ND’s UAS Industry, Help Keep ND Communities Safe

→  Introduce Amendment to Leverage Ohio Expertise on Unmanned Aircraft Systems

→  Key lawmaker signals House won’t take up Senate FAA bill – From the Washington Examiner


Foreign Regulatory Actions

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→  Grounding the drones—Obamas visit to London

→  Dreams of ‘delivery by drone’ await regulatory runway in Canada

→  Tighter rules on drones to prevent aircraft collisions—UK CAA investing in “sense and avoid”

→  Aerospace authority calls for better enforcement of existing drone laws, not registration—UK in reaction to London drone and BA plane incident

→  Big Issue: Drones – are they really a threat to aircraft safety?

→  Cyprus lays down drone guidelines

→  Hacking the drone code: UK needs decisive UAV policy

→  CAA condemns the use of drones close to airports | MRO Network

→  The rules for flying domestic drones – BBC News

→  Drone rules: Everything you need to know to fly domestic drones legally—UK

→  Video: All you need to know to fly a drone

→  Hong Kong to review its drone laws

→  OECS drafts law to regulate drones—Antigua and Barbuda


Good News

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→  Young entrepreneur soars to new heights in local drone services industry

→  A small forest tribe built a DIY drone to stop loggers—The Wapichan tribe, one of several indigenous groups in Guyana, built their fixed-wing drone to support a camera that snaps a picture every two seconds

→  World Heritage site surveyed by QuestUAV team in narrow-window mapping mission



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→  COUNTRY offers commercial UAS insurance


International Developments

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→  Drone company PrecisionHawk raises $18 mln – PE HUB

→  Top drone startups find venture capital flying their way

drone publication

→  Drone Service Company Sharper Shape Closes $3.25 Million in Funding From Australia and Europe


Legal Information

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→  FAA 2016 UAS Symposium | Lexology—Lawyer reports on Symposium

→  The rules for flying domestic drones – BBC News

→  Drones and Australian law

→  Media drone use still a ‘legal quagmire’


Market Forecast

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→  The Latest News on Unmanned Aerial Systems – Timing Growth of the Consumer UAV Market

→  Crash Test Drones: Are Amazon’s Unmanned Delivery Vehicles Getting Closer? — The Motley Fool

→  10 Red-Hot Industries for Drones


Media Use

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→  Video: UAV Drone Use in Off-Road Racing


→  Media drone use still a ‘legal quagmire’


Operational Developments

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→  DIY drone: South American tribe fights loggers with UAV made by watching YouTube

→  Drones’ New Mission: Save the Forests

→  Snail mail goes high tech? Drones might work for Canada Post, expert says

→  Now, drones may protect the forests – Pune Mirror –

→  Momentum building in use of UAVs for aircraft crash analysis

→  Sky’s the limit: Renfrew paramedics harness the power of drones

→  Why Scientists Are Banking on Drones for Tracking Coastal Climate Research — Pacific Standard

→  Drones could soon drop flavored plague vaccine for prairie dogs—Fox News

→  Drones will survey progress for Railway project

→  Drones are the future of fleet management –

→  Camcopter in Canadian Ice-Breaking Operations – UAS VISION

→  Drone photography soars

→  Maharashtra govt plans for drones to keep watch over forests

→  Drone collision avoidance technology catches the eye of CSIRO

→  Researchers have taken to the sky to measure the impact of storms on Warrnambool’s beaches

→  GAIL to use drones to secure gas pipelines

→  Tech That: Indian Railways Uses Drones to Inspect Projects

→  Drone spots poachers

→  Dramatic drone footage of earthquake damage on Japan’s Kyushu island


Person/Company in Drone Nation

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Please send your candidate to



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→  Drones and Australian law—discusses privacy


Regulatory Policy

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→  Birds, bumps and drones – Ireland’s top air safety scares

drone publication

→  How can we prevent drone misuse?

→  Big Issue: Drones – are they really a threat to aircraft safety?

→  Not if but when — drones on a collision course with commercial aircraft

→  Hacking the drone code: UK needs decisive UAV policy

→  Tragic drone strike with plane ‘inevitable’

→  Regulating drone airspace using ‘smart markets’

→  Researchers say FAA is really overblowing risk posed by small drones



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→  UNR partners with NASA for nationwide drone management software platform development

→  Texas A&M is making aviation history by testing avoid-and-detect technology with drones

→  NMSU UAS Flight Test Center helps Vanilla Aircraft complete milestone flight


Restrictions from parties other than FAA

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→  UAS / Drones-Office of the General Counsel – Carnegie Mellon University


Safety Research

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→  This startup plans to protect airports by taking over rogue drones in midair

→  Enjoy This Drone Propeller Hitting a Slab of Pork at 33 Miles Per Hour

→  UNR partners with NASA for nationwide drone management software platform development

→  UAS Safety: Efforts Underway at Lone Star UAS Center

→  Tighter rules on drones to prevent aircraft collisions—UK CAA investing in “sense and avoid”

→  Flight tests will aid in developing FAA UAS regulations

→  NASA Invites Media to Watch FAA Test Sites Fly 24 Drones Testing Air Traffic Management Research Platform

drone publication

→  —sUAS News

→  New Laser Technology Expected To Prevent Drone Collisions



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→  DRONECONVENTION 2016—security and surveillance


Technology Development and Research

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Upcoming Events [UPDATED WEEKLY]

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→  NAB Show – Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion—April 16-27

→  FAA UAS Symposium | Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University—April 19-20, 2016 in Daytona Beach, FL

→  WVU to host collegiate UAV competition | West Virginia University—April 23

→  Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition 2016—The Silicon Valley Drone Show, April 27th, 28th, and 29th 2016



→  May 2–5, 2016 | Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans REGISTER

drone publication


→  International Drone Day—May 07

European DroneConvention—May 10, Belgium


→  DroneShow Latin America—May 10-12, Brazil

→  Roma Drone Expo & Show—May 13-15, Rome

→  Unmanned Solutions Forum (USF)—May 18-20, Romaero Bucharest

→  GEO Business 2016 Launches Popular FREE to attend Workshop Programme |—May 24-25 London, England

→  Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference—May 26, Netherlands

→  Drone expo brings ‘Game of Drones’ to Crestview—May28

→  Canada has a good calendar and one event is DRONE MUSIC DAY SATURDAY MAY 28, 2016



→  Nordic UAS Event 2016—June 1-3, Denmark

→  The Commercial UAV Show – Middle East—Dubai (2016 dates not confirmed)

→  Drones, Data X Conference—June 3-5, San Francisco, CA

→  Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Seminar & Industry Certificate—June 7-9, Daytona Beach, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

→  International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS)—June 7-10, Arlington, VA

→  USI Conference Washington—June 13-15, Washington, DC

→  UAV Remote Sensing Applications Course—June 13-17, Barcelona

→  Unmanned Global Systems—June 13-17, Paris



→  ICUAS, International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems—June 7-10, Arlington, VA




→ Evolving drone law on conference agenda—August 3, Canberra

Midwest UAS conference—August 16-17, Dayton, OH

drone publication

UAS Summit and Expo—August 22-24, Grand Forks, ND

  • The 2016 event, focused on both small and large unmanned aircraft systems, will feature industry and military leaders, UAV manufacturers, payload providers, designers, and commercial operators with the most important insight of today’s UAS world.
  • The 2016 program will provide in-depth analysis and timely presentations from 75-plus speakers focused on the following for both small and large unmanned aircraft systems.
  • The Summit, taking place in what many have called the “Silicon Valley of Drones,” offers the most open airspace in the country, vast tracts of farmland, infrastructure to test on and the nation’s first unmanned aircraft degree program.

→  The Commercial UAV Show – Africa—August 23-24, Johannesburg, South Africa

→  China Commercial UAV—August 25, Shenzhen, China



→  The Commercial UAV Show Asia—September 1-2, Singapore

→  InterDrone: The International Drone Conference and Exposition—September 7-9, Las Vegas

→  Drone Experience—September 16-17, Nantes, France

→  UASympEx—September 18-19, Hamburg, Germany

→  ExpoDrónica—September 22-23, Zaragoza, Spain

→  Commercial UAVs—September 27-29, Royal on the Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

→  DronItaly—September 30-October 1, ModenaFiere, Modena



→  USI Conference San Francisco—October 3-5, CA

→  INTERGEO Co-Hosts German UAS Event—October 11 to 13, Hamburg, Germany. The “interaerial SOLUTIONS Expo. Forum. Flight Zone for UAS”- A showcase for manufacturers, UAS users and operators, accessories, software and end-to-end solutions will be co-hosted at INTERGEO

→  The Commercial UAV Show—October 19-20, London

→  The GeoConnect ShowCo-located with The Commercial UAV Show (above)—October 19-20, London

→  Precision Entertainment, Conference for Hollywood film and television influencers—October 26-27, Hollywood, CA

→  Commercial UAV Expo—October 31–November 2, Las Vegas



→  Drones, Data X Conference—November 3-5, Ireland

→  Drone World Expo: The Defining Event for the Commercial Applications of UAS Technology—November 15-16, San Jose, CA

→  USCEI Unmanned Systems Conference & Exhibition India—November 17-18, New Delhi, India



→  National Drone Show December 2-3, Washington, DC

→  International Drone Expo & Business Conference December 9-10, Los Angeles, CA


To Be Announced

→  F3Expo is the world’s first drone technology and lifestyle event for all ages and skill levels.


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