Crashworthiness aside, Aeromexico Flight 2431 was an Excellent Exit Example

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All On Board Survive Aeromexico Crash

Added Certification Standards improved Crashworthiness

No pictures of passengers with bags

Great lesson for future Passengers

More than 100 people walked away from fiery departure accident.


















Above are pictures of an Embraer 190 on fire at the General Guadalupe Victoria International Airport in Mexico’s northwest state of Durango.  Aeromexico Flight 2431 was lifting off when it tried to abort the takeoff in heavy rain during a storm and crashed one kilometer from end of the runway. One report explained that a gust of wind hit the plane, causing it to lose speed and hit the ground with its left wing. The jet skidded into a field horizontally, which allowed for the escape slides to be activated, freeing the passengers and crew before they caught on fire.

Four crew members (2 cockpit and 2 cabin crew) and all 99 passengers aboard — 88 adults, nine children and two infants – survived, although eighty-five people were wounded in the crash, including two critically.

One headline read

 Plane crashes in Mexico, but miraculously all survive


But, an expert opined:

Flammability, crashworthiness of the seats, greater protection of fuel tanks and lines plus others are all technical advances which have reduced the risks to aircraft occupants. It is fair to say that the design of this aircraft under the current certification standards contributed to the safe evacuation.






Mr. Gleave did not mention that it appears that the passengers adhered to the cabin crew’s directions  and exited without gathering other personal effects. That, too, is not a miracle and highly commendable. The passengers of Aeromexico Flight 2431 serve as excellent reminders to other passengers. Kudos to the flight crew and the travelers.







Sadly, none of the news reports reviewed mentioned this worthwhile example for future fliers. A video or print story about passengers leaving a plane without baggage, but with the maximum lives would help reinforce this behavior.















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  1. Sandy Murdock | August 6, 2018 at 11:46 am | Reply

    Excellent pilot analysis of this accident does not mention passengers’ adherence to exit instructions–

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