Cooperative Safety Effort by Two Airframe Companies Should Reduce Runway Overruns

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ARTICLE: Boeing, Embraer Team On Runway Safety Project


Aviation safety has had a long history of stressing cooperation over competition. That philosophy seems to have deteriorated (disappeared?), particularly in the air carrier segment. In that context, the coordinated effort of two airframe manufacturers to work together to attack the runway overrun problem is most encouraging and should be commended.

The difficulty of arresting a body moving rapidly down runway under different conditions has been on the safety radar screen for a while. A 2008 statement by the NTSB calculated that:

  • between 1995 and 2008 there were 1,322 runway accidents
  • of that number. 379 involved overruns and
  • those accidents resulted in 680 fatalities.

Flight Safety International produced an interesting report on the issue, but two of the world’s largest producers of aircraft should provide insightful analyses and research which will result in advances in aviation safety.

We look forward to the Boeing/Embraer team results—safety cooperation can only benefit all.

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