CONGRATULATIONS to FAA and Long Island for finding a Win/Win ATC solution

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Lawmaker: New Agreement With FAA Requires Air Travel Over Long Island At Higher Altitudes To Cut Down On Noise

ATC has difficulty balancing SAFETY and EFFICIENCY against LOCAL CONCERNS

First two factors are quantifiable vs. subjective neighbor needs

JFK, one runway closed, heavy traffic on other– FAA agrees to raise altitudes for lesser NOISE

 Tracking recent FAA air traffic control interactions with local communities about noise it is rare to see when the people, charged with operating the airspace, are able to compromise their mandates of safety and efficiency against neighborhood concerns. The degrees of freedom as measured by risk and economy are expressed in objective data; whereas, the value to those living under the flight paths is not easily susceptible to a metric. The statutory criteria are favored by the reliability of the surrogate numbers.

In that context, CONGRATULATIONS!!! The press account does not provide enough information to identify to whom the credit(s) should go, but with any successful collaboration, no one should stand alone in announcing such an effort.

What deserves this praise?



Since the beginning of April, when JFK Runway 13L-31 was closed for repairs, the flights have used

Landing Runways 22L/R and Departing Runways 22R/31L o Landing Runways 4R/L and Departing Runways 4L/31L  

Thereafter, thousands of residents in both Nassau County and the western part of Suffolk County have been subject to a significant increase in plane traffic and noise above their homes, with many of the complaints coming from people who live more than 20 miles from John F. Kennedy Airport.





Plane Sense 4 LI founder Jana Goldenberg said “My answer is equitable distribution, “My answer is higher altitudes. They should not be flying at 1,200-1,500 feet 15-20 miles out of the airport.”





Congressman Tom Suozzi   (and others?) met with the FAA (no attribution of who attended) and an agreement was announced


On and after June 24, planes west of Deer Park must fly at least 4,000 feet above homes, instead of 2,000. Also, flights over communities more than 15 miles from JFK must be conducted at 3,000 feet.

The agreement will cover all 24 hours of the day and will be permanent. [assume that this reflects the end of the 13L-31 repairs?]

Kudos to all involved and especially to the FAA ATC organization for agreeing to a win/win option. It would be interesting to know what was the balancing among safety, efficiency and noise.



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  1. Annoyed Resident | June 24, 2019 at 5:46 am | Reply

    Well it’s June 24th and zero change for Floral Park! Knew this was too good to be true.

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