Chairwoman Hersman Commends EAA

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ARTICLE: NTSB Chair: Kudos to EAA on Homebuilt Safety


The nature of the NTSB is to investigate and critique. It has a Ten Most Wanted List, not a Top Ten of Good Safety Actions. In that context, Ms. Hersman posted a blog in which the Chairwoman commended the EAA for their efforts to enhance homebuilt safety. Her words of endorsement are worth repeating here:

The NTSB recently classified this as “exceeds recommended action” since the EAA went beyond the NTSB’s recommendation. In short, EAA did more than create the list (what we recommended), it made extensive efforts to inform the E-AB pilot community of the list and to extend the training to a builder/owner’s own new aircraft.

Indeed, efforts by EAA and almost every segment of the industry seek to exceed expectations are why aviation industry’s safety record are improving. There’s more room for improvement and NTSB will find places where added attention might be wisely focused.

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