Chairman Oberstar heads to the Pantheon of Aviation Leaders

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ARTICLE: Minnesota congressman Jim Oberstar dies at 79


The eulogies have been many in number and deeply heartfelt for this longtime Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure:


· DoT:



· T&I Committee Chairman Shuster

· Transportation Trade Department of the AFL/CIO

· With many to be issued after the weekend.

Recently it was noted that the Chairman had submitted tremendously thoughtful, typically expert and insightful comments on the application of Norwegian Air International for a foreign air carrier permit. His analysis of the Open Skies agreement and his explanation of how that document prohibited such Flag of Convenience was not only compelling but evoked expectations that the Chairman’s voice would be heard more often in the future and then this unexpected and sad news.

To add to this thread of praise for this Aviation Oracle, we offer the proposition that Chairman Oberstar merits being included on the Aviation Legislation Mount Rushmore. That his career in leading the committee, passing sound legislation and his judicious, yet fiduciary oversight of the FAA qualifies him as one of the four greatest Members of Congress in this sphere of influence.

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  1. BILL WOULD NAME DOT HQ AFTER OBERSTAR: The building where former T&I Chairman had a huge impact — DOT headquarters — could be renamed in his honor if a new House bill becomes law. The measure (, introduced last week by Rep. Daniel Lipinski and now boasting 19 cosponsors (including all eight members from Minnesota), would rename the DOT building at 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE as the “James L. Oberstar United State Department of Transportation Building Complex.”

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