Chairman Oberstar’s Memorial Building(s)?

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The former and most distinguished Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Jim Oberstar (see above portrait), took his duty as a leader of aviation quite seriously and on his death qualified as one, if not the, of the historic Congressional policy oracles. His dedication to the underlying philosophy, directions and protections which he helped to establish was so deep that days before his death he wrote a very thorough thought piece on a treaty, the negotiations for which he was involved.

The below ↓ article discusses the interests of two airports, Duluth (top↑) and Hibbing (↑ bottom), are both interested in including “Oberstar” in their terminals’ titles. Either would be a worthy remembrance of the Chairman’s career of supporting his District. As noted in the BringMeTheNews piece, both would be confusing. Rep. Oberstar’s widow and family will help decide what action would be most appropriate.

The same article also mentions that Rep. Lipinski, who served with the Chairman, has introduced a bill which would name the US Department of Transportation’s Headquarters the “James L. Oberstar United States Department of Transportation Building Complex.” It might seem a delicate matter naming an Executive Branch building after a Member of Congress, but Jim’s dedication to keeping transportation and aviation devoid of partisanship should override such a concern.

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