All GA pilots should hear NTSB Chair Hart’s Aviation Safety Message delivered at Oshkosh

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The EAA AirVenture® is one of the great celebrations of aviation and in particular general aviation. The six days at Oshkosh is a convocation of thousands of individual airplanes (many used as camping sites), incredible civil and military aerobatic performances, historic aircraft, experimental airplanes, OEM sales tents, all sorts of service providers, aviation associations and the government.


The NTSB booth has its own exhibition area and brings Members/staff to deliver its messages. Chairman Hart was one of the Board’s representatives at the 2015 AirVenture® and he spoke about GA safety, a frequent topic of this GA pilot and engineer. He took the podium at Oshkosh on July 20 to reinforce that theme.

The essential message of the Chairman was that GA safety is a function of the outreach. His speech stated that before this forum he was preaching to the choir. Pilots who decide to come to this event are likely there to hone their skills, improve their knowledge and raise their safety awareness. Those absent from this Mecca of aviation safety are not infused with the same level of safety fervor.

Mr. Hart, who has been a Member on and off since 2009 and who has been acting Chair for more than a year and who now holds the Chair position, had no specific answers on spreading his gospel of safety. He failed to mention the FAA and industry’s Fly Safe initiative which is trying to get the message to all GA pilots. The below article and other similar publications further this goal of greater dissemination of this vital information.

He turned his focus to specific issues– Loss of Control, the need for a low cost Angle of Attack instrument and Distracted Flying. He mentioned a new low-cost device from Bendix King, the KLR10, and the FAA’s streamlining the airworthiness certification for installing this and other similar equipment. [Coincidentally, the FAA just approved an AOA indicator designed by Aspen Avionics, selling at $1,995 per unit.] The NTSB also plans to hold one of its subject matter hearings on LOC in Washington, DC on October 14. Another big point of his speech, “it keeps me awake at night,” was distracted flying—pilots texting while flying.

An articulate apostle of safety did his usual excellent job of highlighting major safety concerns.


ARTICLE: NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart Addresses Oshkosh ForumReducing Loss Of Control Accidents Remains A Top Priority For The Board

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    Another AOA is approved for GA aircraft–

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