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The Optimism of US Ambassador to ICAO for adoption of an Agreement on Aircraft Emissions may have been Jaundiced by the Greens

Welcome to Washington, correction Montreal, your Excellency Michael A. Lawson, US Ambassador to the International Civil Aviation Organization. The aviation policy winds are shifty and your expression of hope (see first article below↓) may become…

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WikiLeaks and News Report fail to understand Sovereign-to-Sovereign Aviation Regulatory Communications

ARTICLE: US fears about Australian airlines’ safety revealed Because it comes from Wiki Leaks and because headlines tend to be sensational, the natural conclusion is that the sky must have been falling in Australia. In…

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Mr. Chairman voices expert opinion on request for a “Flag of Convenience” DoT Application

ARTICLE: He’s Back – Former Chairman Oberstar Weighs in Against NAI’s “Flag of Convenience” Scheme This seventeen term Member of the US House of Representatives was known as an, if not “the”, Aviation Oracle of…