Foreign Aviation Authorities

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Indian DGCA’s Audit shows the Technical Aviation Safety Competence needed for International Acceptance

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation of India is under considerable scrutiny by ICAO, EASA and the FAA concerning its competence to provide adequate scrutiny of the companies (airlines and other aviation concerns) within its…

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Can IAA assure Safety of globally dispersed NAI operations? It’s not Open, but Safe Skies at issue!

The impressive array of experts aligned in support of or in opposition to the notion, that the Open Skies Agreement’s “social dimension” provides a basis to deny Norwegian Air International’s foreign air carrier application, appears…

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WikiLeaks and News Report fail to understand Sovereign-to-Sovereign Aviation Regulatory Communications

ARTICLE: US fears about Australian airlines’ safety revealed Because it comes from Wiki Leaks and because headlines tend to be sensational, the natural conclusion is that the sky must have been falling in Australia. In…