Aviation History

Happy Birthday FAA

FAA MARKS 60 YEARS OF SAFER SKIES Substantive Breadth of Responsibility Exceptional 24/7/365 and 6 time zones Drones, space and flying cars  August 30,1958 was the date on which the Congress created the Federal Aviation Administration….

William C. Clarke, III—RIP

NOTE: Bill Clarke, a recognized expert in all aviation matters, recently died. Paul Mifsud wrote a touching obituary about his mentor’s contributions to the system of law that is in place today. The story traces…

first flight, Pres. Wilson, enactment of landing

Happy 100th Birthday Airmail

‘A Suicide Club’: How WWI Pilots Pioneered the Age of Airmail Dangerous early years Early Jenny inverted stamp record value Airlines still carrying letters and packages    The nascent years of US commercial aviation are…