It’s OFFICIAL–Captain Dickson, New FAA Administrator? Resume and a map of 800 Independence

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Delta Exec Eyed As FAA Administrator

Resume like 3 recent Administrators

USAFA, Air Force and Airline

A Map of FAA people and processes

“Dickson’s selection would cement strong operational knowledge and deep airline experience at the helm of the FAA. He retired from Delta at the end of September as senior vice president of operations. In a memo to employees announcing the retirement, CEO Ed Bastian and COO Gil West said he “has ensured that Delta flight operations is the best in the world, overseeing day-to-day flight operations on six continents, as well as pilot training, pilot standards, technical support, pilot staffing, and scheduling and quality assurance and compliance functions.” A graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Dickson was a former F-15 fighter pilot.

It also could pair him with Elwell, the confirmed deputy administrator, who brings a mix of government, airline, and association experience to his leadership positions at the FAA.” [SOURCE]

If confirmed, Captain Dickson would have a resume very similar to three Administrators who have served since 1986. Administrator McArtor worked for FedEx for 14 years; Administrator Hinson flew for Northwest Airlines and United as well as being one of three Founders of Midway ascending to Chairman and CEO; Captain Babbitt flew for Eastern Airlines. Dickson and McArtor are both graduates of the Air Force Academy.

[SOURCE: FAA history]

[the dark rooms on the 10th floor will likely be lit for the new Administrator]

Should the Senate confirm Captain Dickson for the five year term, here is some advice which he might find useful:

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Captain Dickson, the FAA Administrator job is the best and worst position in aviation. With you experience, the operational side will be most familiar—you know Air Traffic and Airline Safety. The world of Washington, however, is different from Atlanta. Your immediate staff includes some very able professionals. Their counsel is worth your careful attention on the unusual processes and policy associated with the federal government.

You also are the beneficiary of a talented Deputy who has been doing the job of Administrator.  Dan Elwell, another Falcon, has learned the trap doors and secret stairs that exist among the FAA, the DOT, the IG, the White House, OMB, the GAO and the Hill.


Good luck, Captain Dickson.





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  1. Well said. Dan Elwell has done a great job with class.

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