Captain Babbitt is a deserving recipient of 2017 Engen Award for Aviation Excellence

the Award
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1Randy Babbitt, and Mrs. Babbitt with Harrison Ford at the Wright Memorial Dinner

Mr. & Mrs. Babbitt at Aero Club “Wright Memorial Brothers Award” dinner with the 2010 Recipient, Harrison Ford
 Captain Babbitt receives ACW's Engen Award for Aviation Excellence

 Babbitt worked in all spheres of aviation
2017 Donald D. Engen Aero Club Trophy for Aviation Excellence


Having worked closely with Admiral Engen, it is certain that the man whose name is on the Aero Club of Washington’ Trophy for Aviation Excellence would be pleased that Captain Randy Babbitt will be the 2017 awardee. As the ACW president, Clay McDonnell, Airbus Group, Inc.’s Chief of Communications, said

“No matter which hat Randy has worn during his impressive career, he has always been a leader who focuses on moving flight safety and modernization forward, while staying positive and fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and a spirit of goodwill within in our industry. Captain Babbitt’s multiple and sustained contributions to the aviation industry exemplify the criteria established for the Engen Trophy.”

Captain Babbitt’s knowledge of and advocacy for aviation safety made him a recognized expert, so much so that Congress heard him as a witness on this high profile issue. The Captain’s input into aviation has been recorded here in the past.

The Admiral and the Captain both places great emphasis on consensus and incorporating diverse views on an issue; so, the Babbitt resume exemplifies someone who excelled at different and occasionally differing views:


  • Eastern Airlines
  • Air Lines Pilot Association

Randy Babbitt alpa

  • Federal Aviation Administration

Randy Babbitt FAA

  • Southwest Airlines



Captain Babbitt well fits within the ranks of past recipients






1993 – Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines

1994 – Senator Wendell Ford, U.S. Senate

1995 – Edward W. Stimpson, GAMA

1996 – Joint FAA/JAA 777 Certification Team

1997 – James A. Wilding, MWAA

1998 – Robert Crandall, American Airlines

1999 – Donald D. Engen

2000 – Najeeb Halaby

2001 – L. Welch Pogue

2002 – Alan S. Boyd

2003 – Not Awarded

2004 – Don Lopez, NASM

2005 – STS-114 Discovery Shuttle Crew

2006 – Scott Crossfield

2007 – Langhorne Bond

2008 – Phil Boyer

2009 – William DeCota

2010 – Carl W. Vogt

2011 – Jane Garvey

2012 – National Aviation Hall of Fame

2013 – The Tuskegee Airmen

2014 – Charles “Chip” Barclay

2015 – Will Ris

2016 – Walter J. Boyne 

2017 – Captain J. Randolph (Randy) Babbitt 







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