Greening of Aviation R&D agreement by Boeing and Embraer is Encouraging

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Globalization of the aerospace industry is not new. The major manufacturers are increasingly primary integrators of parts, equipment, systems and assemblies for the finished product. Much of the Research and Development has remained with the OEMS, but the below joint venture between the Boeing Company and Embraer SA signed a memorandum of understanding to use an Embraer airplane as a research vehicle in 2016. The program will assess options to reduce fuel use, carbon emissions and noise.

The two companies opened up a relationship in 2011 with joint efforts in the environmental sector. Boeing has used its 737-800, 787 Dreamliner and a 757. From that work it has used that platform to test over 50 technologies to determine their values in the greening of aviation. The Brazilian OEM and the Seattle/Chicago aerospace company created a research center at Embraer’s headquarters town, São José dos Campos, Brazil, to focus on biofuel alternatives in coordination research with Brazilian universities and other institutions.

The companies’ commitments to this joint venture were reflected in these two quotes from their respective representatives:

  • Frederico Curado, president and CEO of Embraer–

“Innovation is a key pillar of Embraer’s strategy, and we are pleased to continue our work with Boeing to support the long-term sustainable growth of our industry…The ecoDemonstrator Program offers a new and valuable opportunity for collaboration between our companies to boost environmental development tests, benefiting customers, our industry and the society.”

  • Marc Allen, president of Boeing International–

“Industry leadership in today’s world requires creative and global collaborations that ignite progress on hard problems faster than ever…Boeing and Embraer are both industry leaders committed to addressing aviation’s environmental goals through innovation and technology. Working together in this exciting new way, our companies will speed progress to improve aviation’s efficiency and reduce environmental impact.”

Such enthusiasm and high level endorsement herald significant progress in this R&D effort so vital to aviation worldwide. Hopefully the environmentalists will await the results with positive expectations than immediate overreactions.


ARTICLE: Boeing, Embraer to collaborate on ecoDemonstrator tests

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