Boeing adds some Safety Talent.

Delaney and Doughtie
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Max 8 told Boeing more safety governance needed

Since then, mostly activities

Delaney and Doughtie = Real Safety Action

One of the central lessons of the Boeing 737 Max 8 disasters was the need for greater Senior Management and Board involvement in all aspects of the company’s aircraft safety in design, engineering proof and production to name a few of the points cited. Here are some stories which thoroughly examine this past and present:

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‘It’s More Than I Imagined’: Boeing’s New C.E.O. Confronts Its Challenges

The Absent, Critical Point In The Boeing Chief Engineer Stories


Boeing Board Says SAFETY; Will It Do SMS?


Boeing Chair Calhoun





Chairman Calhoun has engaged in a fair number of “activities” to meet this objective, but the two recent ACTIONS are significant—


  • On January 14, Michael Delaney was appointed the newly created role of Chief Aerospace Safety Officer. (full press release below). His resume holds all of knowledge and experience to conquer this challenge:
    • Vice president of Commercial Airplanes Digital Transformation and led the company’s Confident Travel efforts. In that role, he led efforts to establish a digital thread across development and production programs to drive a connected flow of engineering data through the production system and across the in-service fleet of Boeing airplane Additionally, Delaney provided cross-functional business architecture leadership to improve data capture and analytics insights that support “digital smart factory” workflow simplification and realignment as well as machine learning optimization to improve quality.

[NOTE particularly with FOQA, his knowledge of the data that can be uplifted on a real time basis is a HUGE PLUS.]

  • Delaney was previously vice president and general manager of Airplane Development. In that role, he led the design, development, integration, testing and certification of the next generation of various commercial airplane models. Delaney also oversaw all aspects of product development, including the engineering team responsible for formulating the preliminary design of new and derivative airplanes and systems, improving environmental performance and developing advanced technology.
  • Delaney also served as the vice president of Engineering for Commercial Airplanes where he was responsible for product development, design, delegated compliance, certification and safety activities for all commercial airplane models, their derivatives and post-delivery upgrades. Delaney also served in the added capacity as senior chief engineer of Airplane Performance and Product Architecture and oversaw information technology, export compliance and intellectual property activities in Commercial Airplanes.

[NOTE: having had hands on experience in the interstice between the company (ODA) and the FAA, Delaney will know what needs be fixed.]

  • Prior to his Engineering role, Delaney was vice president and chief project engineer for the 787 program, leading the readiness effort for first airplane delivery, technical configuration, product integrity and safety. Other leadership roles include vice president of 747/767/777 Engineering, vice president of Commercial Airplanes Test & Validation, and chief project engineer of the Next-Generation 737 program.
  • Delaney began his career as an aerodynamics engineer at Grumman Aerospace. In 1988, he joined McDonnell Douglas and in 1997 he became senior manager of Flight Test Engineering. That same year, Delaney became director of the 717 Airplane Test and Validation, Flight and Lab Test/Flight Operations, and the 717 deputy chief project engineer.
  • Delaney holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Hofstra University, and a Master of Business Administration from the Toulouse[1] Business School. Delaney is a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and a member of the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board.

Mr. Delany is accountable to the Aerospace Safety Committee of the Boeing Board of Directors. He has the credentials and the corporate mission to make changes.

Aerospace Safety Committee charter

Perhaps not as obvious, Ms. Doughtie’s addition to the Board strengthens the financial, accounting, risk assessment and strategic competence of the Board.  Her career (see below details) in a global company assures that she will be heard on the Boeing Board. Her degree from Virginia Tech[2] is in accounting; so, she will be able to analyze and question the numbers which are the backbone of SMS.

University Distinguished Achievement Award by Virginia Tech









Boeing Names First Chief Aerospace Safety Officer

Kate O’Connor

January 14, 2021


Boeing continues to reorganize its safety infrastructure, announcing on Wednesday that it has appointed Michael Delaney to the newly created role of chief aerospace safety officer. In his new position, Delaney will lead development of the company’s Global Aviation Safety program. He previously served as Boeing’s vice president of Commercial Airplanes Digital Transformation and led the Confident Travel Initiative.[3]

“There is nothing more important to Boeing than the safety of our employees, products and services, and over the past year we’ve taken a series of actions to improve our safety practices and enhance our safety culture, including the establishment of our enterprise Safety Management System (SMS),” Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun said in a message to employees. “Building on these efforts, today we will continue to strengthen our safety infrastructure by naming Mike Delaney as Boeing’s chief aerospace safety officer.

sms statement of principles

Boeing’s Global Aviation Safety [1]program includes the company’s Product and Services Safety (P&SS) organization, which was formed in 2019 as part of Boeing’s response to the fatal accidents of two 737 MAX aircraft, Aerospace Safety Analytics and Global Aviation Safety System. The Confident Travel Initiative, a program created last May to address air travel health risks during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, also falls under the Global Aviation Safety umbrella. Delaney will step into his new role immediately.

Boeing Elects Lynne Doughtie to Board of Directors, Following Resignation of Director Caroline Kennedy

Lynne Doughtie

CHICAGO, Jan. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) board of directors today announced that Lynne Doughtie has been elected to the board, replacing Caroline Kennedy who has resigned following three years of dedicated service.

Doughtie, 58, retired from KPMG in 2020, after serving as U.S. Chairman and CEO since 2015. One of the world’s leading professional services firms, KPMG operates in 147 countries and territories employing more than 219,000 people. She will serve on the Audit and Finance committees.

“Lynne Doughtie is a highly-accomplished executive with a demonstrated track record of leading a world-class organization,” said Boeing Chairman Larry Kellner. “She will provide perspective reflecting her global leadership roles and experience advising clients on complex matters as well as significant risk management expertise. We look forward to working with her.”

As the first woman to be elected U.S. Chairman and CEO of KPMG, Doughtie served as a member of KPMG’s Global Board and Executive Committee. Doughtie joined KPMG’s Audit practice in 1985, before serving as the lead partner for several strategic clients across industries and holding leadership roles including Vice Chair of the firm’s U.S. Advisory business. During her tenure, KPMG experienced strong growth and made significant investments in quality and advanced the firm’s culture and values.

Doughtie has been recognized by Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, Crain’s New York Business’ 50 Most Powerful Women in New York, Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People, the National Association of Corporate Directors’ 100 most influential people in the boardroom, and Glassdoor’s list of Top CEOs.

“We welcome Lynne Doughtie’s impressive track record of advancing organizational goals through culture and innovation,” said David Calhoun, Boeing President and CEO, and member of the board of directors. “Lynne’s values-based leadership will further strengthen our board.”


“Boeing is a remarkable American company serving a critical role in the global economy,” said Doughtie. “I look forward to joining this distinguished board.”

Kennedy, who joined the board in 2017, served as a member of the Audit; Compensation; Finance; and Governance, Nominating and Organization committees. Previously, Kennedy served as U.S. Ambassador to Japan from 2013 to 2017.

“On behalf of Boeing and its board of directors, I want to express my gratitude to Ambassador Kennedy for her leadership and exemplary service,” Kellner said.

“It’s been a privilege to serve alongside Ambassador Kennedy,” Calhoun said. “I’m grateful not only for her contributions to Boeing, but for her service on behalf of our country.”

Boeing Communications

[1] Aviation safety is the combined result of:

  • Airplane design and production
  • Regulatory oversight
  • Airline operation and maintenance
  • Air traffic and airport –infrastructure

Boeing joins with governments and the industry to continuously advance safety in all aspects of the global air transportation system. This collaborative approach is more effective than regulatory action alone.

Boeing SMS page



[1] The irony of this name, given Boeing’s competition with Airbus is wonderful.

[2] She will not be the first Va. Tech alumnus on the Board- Steven M. Mollenkopf


[3] Leaving that position 7 months after his appointment.

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