Awards for those who use Aircraft for Good

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ARTICLE: Aviation shines at Endeavor Awards

Public benefit flying celebrated in Los Angeles


The aircraft is a value neutral creation. Both the Wright Brothers and Lindbergh worried about its potential to wreak havoc, but its power to work for good is equally immense. We are well served when time is taken to remind the world of the good that is done with airplanes.

The Endeavor Awards is an event which chronicles the beneficial use of aviation. The organization’s event honors, recognizes and celebrates flying done well. This year the honorees included:

· Jeff Hendricks, Veteran’s Airlift Command/Angel Flight West

· Joe DeMarco, Sr. Wings Flights of Hope

· Joe Howley, Patient Airlift Services (PALS)

The story of each award winner demonstrates the human capacity for good and explains how wings helped deliver what these beneficiaries needed. Each is incredibly moving.

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