Other Countries’ Aviation Safety Record suffers from the press, too

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International Press Coverage on Aviation Safety

Europe & Canada Receive Negativity Despite Doing a Great Job

The life of an aviation safety professional is sometimes burdened by a plethora of negative stories from the mass media. While the facts are clear that US flight is doing a great job of reducing risk, it is not always evident that comparatively speaking we are doing better. Most of us do not spend time perusing the foreign press to see how our brethren is faring.

fifth column canada aviationHere are some clippings about the 5th Column’s view of aviation north of the US and in Europe. The EU and Canada are generally ranked as being the US’s equal or close second’s; yet there are several telling articles concerned about aviation in Canada on the Continent (to use two easy examples).

pilot fatigueTo add to the mess, the UK’s Parliament is working to withdraw from EASA, adding to the confusion across the Atlantic.

Submit your favorite example of another country’s press negativity about its national aviation safety performance.


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