The Uplifting Effect of Aviation: Bernoulli’s Principle in the Real World

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Aviation neither gets nor claims enough credit for its eleemosynary efforts. Only a powerful Google machine ferrets out exemplary efforts. Recently, the story of Columbia Sportswear use of its aircraft to help honor three American heroes and their families was posted.

Here are three great stories added to to further disseminate their good news. Feel free to forward them on to others; they merit wider publication.

The AOPA Foundation made three grants:

1. h11Hope Flight Foundation grant funds to provide life-saving flights for seriously ill children for whom costly ambulance rides and commercial transportation are not an option. The grant funds will cover the cost of upcoming flights in California, Nevada, and Oregon’s grant will be used to transport by plane seriously ill children whose will not permit them to ride ambulances or other ground vehicles.

2. f33BuildAPlane will target its donation to target gangs in Riverside, CA. The dollars will be spent on refurbishing an Aeronca Champ and then teach the builders how to fly.

3. h22Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth will use its grant to enroll 30 middle school students from NYC to attend a week long space and aviation camp.

h55Delta Airlines made a grant to the Motion Picture & Television Fund. That venerable organization, with those funds, will provide free flights to needy active or retired workers and their immediate family members who have an emergency, or need medical treatment in another city. Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive of DreamWorks Animation and chairman of the MPTF Foundation, commented, “I can’t think of a better way for Delta to impact the lives of those working in the entertainment industry than to partner with MPTF to provide support in times of crisis and need.”

f11Last spring, more than 750 Southwest Airline Pilots mentored nearly 40,000 students through the airline’s Adopt-A-Pilot program. A prime example is Jack Mitchell [see right], who will be a sixth-grader this fall at Mary Lillard Intermediate School in the Mansfield Independent School District in Texas. He participated in Adopt-A-Pilot through his school’s gifted-and-talented program and was taught by First Officer Justin Scott. Jack’s latest Southwest flight was in July to see his beloved St. Louis Cardinals play a home seriesThanks to our Pilots for inspiring students like Jack to aim high!

By providing these differences, where help is needed, aviation is helping lift the more needy segments of society.


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