Auctioning Aeronautical Radionavigation Spectrum is a Major Mistake.

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by Jerry Markey






Aeronautical Radionavigation spectrum being released

Gold mine for FCC and their industry partners (internet/wireless etc.).


FAA’s support and/or sponsor for the Spectrum Efficient Surveillance Radar (SENSR) Program is an engineering disaster waiting to happen.

A multi-agency team, called the Spectrum Efficient National Surveillance Radar team, is now assessing the feasibility of making a minimum of 30 MHz of the 1300 to 1350 MHz band available for reallocation for non-federal use through updated surveillance technology. In January, the team issued a request for information, and is currently reviewing those responses and will be conducting one-on-one meetings with vendors.

The Aeronautical Radionavigation spectrum, in this case 1300-1350 MHz Band, would be a Gold mine for FCC and their industry partners (internet/wireless etc.).  The FAA has managed and protected that radio spectrum for FAA and DOD for many years.  FAA was the focal point for coordination and frequency assignments recommendation to National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for final approval in this band.

Aeronautical Radio navigation and Aeronautical Mobil (R) frequencies are set aside worldwide for the exclusive use of Aeronautical systems.  Why?  ICAO requires seven nines, that is (.9999999s) of integrity for these signals worldwide.

 FCC, NTIA and industry will say that the loss of 50 MHz to aeronautical safety is a minor event, a great help to the non-government industries.

The aviation industry and the National Airspace System is not going to remain stagnant while only the internet and wireless industries grow.  When FAA’s Aeronautical system requirements expand where will the FAA obtain the necessary spectrum to support the new system requirements.  You can bet there will be no SENIW program (Spectrum Efficient National Internet/Wireless) to help support FAA and aeronautical spectrum requirements.

FAA is the World leader in aviation (both commercial and general aviation) and without access to exclusive spectrum will be unable to meet worldwide, ICAO, safety standards.

It is hard to believe that DOD is supporting the SENSR Program Do they believe that in national emergencies and wartime situations they can do what is necessary to win even if it disturbs the electromagnetic world around it? Also hard to understand why users of the NAS are not concerned about loss of aviation spectrum.

SENSR is not good for the FAA nor NAS users and neither was the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1993 which took the 1390-1400 MHz band away and gave it to the unending appetite of the non-government world of instant communication.



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