ASTM, FAA and Texas Aircraft Manufacturing show the way to a new Certification Approach

Texas Aircraft Manufacturing Announces that it has Received Full FAA ASTM Certification for its New-Generation

With ASTM Certification in hand, Texas Aircraft Manufacturing can now begin full production and commence deliveries of its new-generation Colt Light Sport Aircraft.

Harbinger for future ASTM involvement in certification



Texas Aircraft Manufacturing announced today that the Hondo, Texas-based company has received full FAA ASTM (American Society for Testing and Standards) Certification for its new-generation Colt Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA).




“Words cannot describe how it feels to have received the ASTM certification[1]. The entire Texas Aircraft team has worked very long and hard to achieve this single goal,” Texas Aircraft Manufacturing’s co-founder, Matheus Grande (cover picture upper left) said. “Receiving this document is truly a dream come true for everyone on our team. We are so proud and grateful, but the honor and glory of this achievement is to our God.”

“After a very successful introduction at Oshkosh AirVenture, we have continued to see increasing interest from prospective buyers as well as flight schools,” Texas Aircraft Manufacturing’s co-founder, Caio Jordão[2] (cover picture upper right) said. “We are extremely thankful that so many people continue to tell us how much they love, not only how the Colt looks, but how well it flies.”

“The new-generation Colt delivers on everything that was promised when the LSA category was originally introduced – it’s easy to fly, easy to maintain and priced to make the dream of personal aircraft ownership a reality for a wide variety of pilots,” Grande said.”

The Colt 100 joins a marketplace with more than 20 LSAs, but the reviews by AOPA, Flying Magazine and Dan Johnson indicate that its future may be bright.

The new Colt 100 Light-Sport Aircraft will be fully fabricated and assembled at the Hondo airport where many former U.S. military aircraft technicians are available. The Hondo airport was a military field for many years and offers an experienced talent pool plus qualified suppliers in the area.

Powered by a Rotax 912 swinging a Sterno composite prop, Colt is an all-metal, tricycle gear design based on a previous-generation aircraft that Caio Jordão created at Indústria Paulista de Aeronáutica. While Colt is a fresh take on the configuration, the design brings a successful history to the LSA sector.

Colt’s built-in structural integrity with a state-of-the-art ballistic parachute (optional on Colt-S), welded chromoly steel safety cell (CrMo, Chrome Molybdenum Steel), four-point Hooker, passenger harnesses


In terms of FAA certification, while recognizing that the LSA is a very different bird, the ASTM’s heavy involvement, compliance testing and documentation, in the Colt’s certification, is a harbinger of this independent engineering organization’s future in Part 23 and beyond.

[1] This action is the normal extension of this action:  FAA Reviews And Approves ASTM’s LSA Consensus Standards For Comments; That’s An Exciting Regulatory Moment


[2] Legendary Brazilian aircraft designer, Caio Jordão, founder of INPAER, the Colt was inspired by INPAER’s popular family of light aircraft. With a fleet of over 300 aircraft accumulating over 150,000 hours, these are by far Brazil’s most popular, and proven family of personal aircraft. All this experience has yielded the Colt.