ARSA’s Impressive Ally Ups the Ante in the Foreign Repair Station War

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ARTICLE: US Chamber joins ARSA in urging removal of FAA foreign repair station ban


The thirty year war over foreign repair stations has just escalated. The IAM (1st letter I= International) has attacked the work being done in overseas in FAA certificated facilities. The battle was lost at the Court of Appeals where the FAA’s rules were affirmed. Congress has applied pressure, but their most affirmative action has been to require TSA to issue rules governing the foreign Part 145 certificate holders and to put a hold on the issuance of this authority until the security standards have been implemented.

Now the US Chamber has joined the fray on the side of ARSA, the little aviation association that could. The Chamber has added its voice to the effort to convince the Congress that the ban on new foreign repair stations should be reversed. As the Chamber’s President & CEO Thomas Donohue said in its Feb. 13 written testimony to the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee:

“The U.S. aviation maintenance industry is paying the price for TSA inaction and congressional micromanagement.”

ARSA’s new ally should advance the issue.

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