ARSA’s Call to exercise your First Amendment Rights is well taken as to the Ban on Overseas Part 145 Certification

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ARTICLE: Irked by the Foreign Repair Station Ban?


The battle over foreign repair stations may be one of the longest political battles in aviation and/or Congressional history. The unions, which represent aviation maintenance technicians in Europe among other places, have employed regulatory, litigative and legislative tactics to prevent foreign facilities from performing work on N registered aircraft for over 30 years.

In 2007 the unions convinced the House and Senate to mandate TSA to establish security/drug testing rules to “parallel” those in force in the United States. That bill was passed with the knowledge that most sovereign nations are either precluded from and/or offended by such extraterritorial application of US standards. TSA has not issued the requisite rules and thus the FAA is precluded from issuing any foreign repair station certificate.

ARSA has issued a call for all aviation professionals impacted by this insipid rule to take action. The association’s website (link above) includes instructions on how you can exercise your First Amendment rights.

There may be instances in which Part 145 status has been granted to facilities not meeting the full standards. That statement is applicable to certificates overseas and within the 50 states. That is a very different issue than the alleged “security” issue.

We agree with ARSA, urge you to read their statement and hope that you follow their suggestions.

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