AOPA clever page on Airports reminds of its leadership in Defending and Promoting these essential facilities

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ARTICLE: Airports and their stories


It is more than axiomatic to state that airports are essential to aviation; however, in spite of their being an absolute necessity, our community too often fails to actively promote and defend these facilities. AOPA is one organization which tirelessly makes the case for the benefit of this infrastructure and therefor they should be greatly commended.

The above linked article is another example of the AOPA proactive approach; it’s a very creative series of pictures in which the old and current state of airports are shown. Very clever and a bit poignant in that its library includes the Daley assassinated Meigs Field and the continuously beleaguered Santa Monica.

The folks in Frederick, MD also portray these transportation nodes in a positive, playful light which will hopefully attract future fans of aviation. On a more immediate, practical level, the GA Pilot group is very frequently the first to take a strong position on attempted assaults on airports. Its staff is omnipresent on these issues and exceptionally knowledgeable on the technical, legal and political matters.

This is a superb compendium of pictures, but it is more symbolic of AOPA’s airport leadership.


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