Alaskan Floatplane Pilot Rescues Dog

alaskan floatplane rescues dog
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Captain Mike Saves The Day!

Alaskan Floatplane Pilot Rescues DogGOOD AVIATION NEWS is always wise to share and an Alaskan floatplane pilot saving a dog, using his seaplane, is a prime example of angel aviating.

Our hero, Mike Hudgins, returned to his home base, Ketchikan, AK International Airport and its adjacent water RUNWAY ESE  RUNWAY WNW with his normal passengers, a family of sightseers. As he scanned the seaplane landing area/ the channel between the Ketchikan International Airport ferry dock and the floatplane dock for Taquan Air.


Alaskan Floatplane Pilot Rescues Dog

Though the pup was but 40 yards away, he was too terrified to come towards the plane. Captain Hudgins called to the dog realized that his propeller may be the source of the dog’s fear. He cut power and allowed his plane to float towards his rescue. Alaskan pilots, known for their intrepid flying, moved to the closest pontoon and from there he was able to pull her aboard.

Alaskan Floatplane Pilot Rescues DogThe miniature sheltie’s owners had a microchip implanted in her; so the veterinarian, Marna Hall. was able to identify the pup’s name, Misty and her owners, to Sean and Angela Inlow. They had been boating with their pet aboard and at some point, the pup must have fallen off. The owners were feverishly searching for Misty and then heard of her rescue.

The vet examined the small Sheltie and “pronounced her tired, but healthy”.
Her master said he plans to buy a life vest for Misty before future boat trips.

A truly heartwarming aviation story; thanks Captain Mike!

Alaskan Floatplane Pilot Rescues Dog


ARTICLE: Floatplane pilot rescues dog struggling in waterway
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