FAA is hit by 1493’s disruptive Technology today

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da Vinci’s Airscrew to Today’s Airvinci

An invention created more than a half millennium ago has “morphed” in something new. The Airvinci derives much of its invention to a fellow from the Italian town of Anchiano, Tuscany (now Italy), close to the town of Vinci.

#1 Disruptive technology, design description:

airvinici helicopters


  • To achieve flight
  • To fly vertically

Inspiration: maple tree seed

airvinici helicopters

Machine: airscrew

  • Main blade 2 meters in diameter
  • Supporting structure held together by reeds
  • Shallow saucer-like gondola on which two upright posts attached
  • Each of the posts carried a double set of wings
  • By means of a rather complicated system of cords, cylinders, and foot pedals moved in a horizontal plane, criss-crossing one another
  • This motion compressed the air between the wings and gave the craft lift
  • With a landing gear in the form of a pair of ladders about twenty-four feet long

Research: Codice sul volo degli uccelli (Codex on the Flight of Birds).

Year: 1493

Owner of the technology: Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinciairvinici helicopters

Other achievements:

airvinici helicopters

The certification was not completed, because

  • da Vinci recognized the risk of testing and recommended that proving flights be conducted over water; no test pilot volunteered; [were there plaintiff lawyers then?]
  • there was no FAA until 1938 and no revised Part 23 existed [noted by GAMA];
  • there was no CrowdFunding.com until 2010.

#2 Disruptive technology, design description:


Our team aims to develop and build the best personal helicopters and drones for our users. They will benefit from our drive and our passion to create a smart and sophisticated product that will be easy to fly, safe and cost-effective. Our users – these are enthusiastic pilots, avid skydivers, forward-looairvinici helicoptersking shippers, courageous people involved into search and rescue and simply individuals who want to turn common things such as the daily commute into something exciting and awesome.

For decades private aviation was in decline, but our team of engineers and scientists continues to pursue the goal to open up the sky again. For us, this means nothing less than making the very personal exploration of the sky easier than ever.

This won’t be an easy task but we are convinced to make our vision of flying become reality and to achieve our company’s milestones: By mid June this year, we have a first drone ready to fly, by spring 2017, we will have the drone ready for the market and one year later our backpack helicopter will take off for the first time. This schedule is demanding but together as a team at Airvinci, we believe that our knowledge, our motivation and our hard work will make it possible: We will have a personal helicopter that is easy to fly, safe and cost-effective – simply the best personal helicopter.

Technical specifications [direct quote from Airvinici Helicopter]:

  • Convertible to a drone
  • Easy controls
  • Way point flight
  • 2 sets of control surfaces for added control
  • Flight stabilization
  • Diameter: less than 6ft
  • Payload: 260lbs
  • Weight: 200lbs
  • Range: min. 70km (miles)
  • Flight time: minimum 1hr (“maximum”?)
  • Speed: 70km/hr
  • Power: 56hp
  • 2 gas engines
  • Ducted fan to convert all moving parts
  • Ballistic parachute (next version)


airvinci helicopter

Search & Rescue


airvinci helicpter taxi



airvinici helicopters



Owner of the technology: Tarek Ibrahim, Founder of Airvinci

airvinici helicoptersUniversity of Houston
Master’s, Architecture
2004 – 2006

University of Toronto
B.A. Architecture, Architecture
1999 – 2003

For this invention there is an FAA and the promised performance will indeed be disruptive. UASs posed challenges for the FAA in that those aircraft can take-off and land virtually anywhere. The #55 limitation assures that any damage to life and property will be minimal. Flying cars with greater mass and weight pose even greater risks while being endowed with the universal take-off/landing capability. Their introduction will present a greater challenge. Mr. Ibrahim’s ducted fan will place massive regulatory tension on the FAA.



airvinici helicopters

Oh, what Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci has wrought!


ARTICLE: Airvinci ducted fan helicopter prototype set for take off

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