Airport Wildlife Management Version of “Fear the Turtle” Slogan

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ARTICLE: JFK Airport Officials Protect Incoming Turtles with Barrier


The subject of “Fear the Turtle” has been reported here, but that post dealt with the innovative aeronautical engineers at the University of Maryland which uses the tag line in its marketing and sports efforts.

This report has to do with the serious problem which Airports face in humanely dealing with wildlife as these critters interact with the aviation operations. The biggest threat is the flight of birds where planes are present.

New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport faces a different problem—an invasion of diamondback turtles, to wit 1,300 of the slow moving reptiles have been interdicted and repositioned around the runways. The phenomenon was described as follows:

“ ‘We’re trying to find a balance between nature and aviation,’ Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico told the New York Post. ‘We don’t want to see the turtles get hurt, and this should keep the airport running smoothly.’ ”

Creative management has devised a Maginot line to preclude this terrapin attack, installing 4,000 feet of 8 inch plastic piping along the runway closest to the bay.

Interesting research exercise—is such an expenditure AIP eligible?

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