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ARTICLE: FAA Issues Updated Airport Design Advisory Circular


Airport design is a complex science involving architecture, engineering and safety. The FAA has done an excellent job of unifying all of those elements in this Advisory Circular. The recently released Airport Design Advisory Circular is a vast improvement over the previous version. Reformatting of the information makes the document read much easier with hyperlinks and bookmarks providing instant access to referenced material.

Even more impressive is the effort taken on refinements like the new taxiway design standards in which a working group of 12 engineers representing 7 regions collaborated to produce the revised guidance. The group studied 75 airport diagrams overlaid with runway incursions to understand what role taxiway geometry was involved in incursions. Improved situational awareness, design out problems and improved recognition of marking, signage and lighting are objectives of the new guidance.

The updated advisory circular incorporates the 19 changes since its last publication. The new AC includes safety lessons learned as illustrated by the taxiway design effort and that was a monumental task. Congratulations on completing the safety objectives and improving ease of use to boot!

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