AIR-230 Issues Useful “Consumer Guide” to LSA Manufacture and Ownership

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ARTICLE: FAA releases new document on LSA education


The history of aviation finds that a lot of innovation comes from the development of smaller aircraft. Burt Rutan is the poster boy for such a statement. The FAA initiated Light Sport Aircraft in an attempt to encourage new developments in technology and design. Creating a new category was intended to foster creativity, but integrating an “open architecture” like environment into the strictures of aircraft certification was not an easy task. The initial foray had some hiccups.

AOPA issued a press release on the FAA AIR-230’s issuance of a document which both provides guidance to potential buyers about how to buy an LSA and what a manufacturer needs to know about the process. As David Oord, AOPA’s manager of regulatory affairs stated:

“It is important for members to understand the differences between light sport aircraft and type certificated aircraft…They can sometimes appear to look similar but their design and certification basis is different.”

The document is in a Question and Answer format and resembles a consumer’s guide in tone. For example, the paper explains the duties of the LSA owner compared to others who own standard category aircraft.

The FAA document is quite informative and will help all involved in LSA to understand what is expected from them in terms of regulatory compliance. It is likely that many copies of this useful document will be in the hands of LSA enthusiasts at AirVenture ©.

Excellent effort AIR-230; hopefully it will foster aviation (We know these words have been statutorily deleted from the FAA mission but we use them anyway).

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