AFRA leads the emerging Aircraft Dismantling Industry toward High End Aviation Safety Standards

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ARTICLE: Aircraft Dismantling Market To Rise To $80 Million In 2014

New Study Released By The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, TeamSAI


Images of aircraft boneyards and the concept of salvaging parts and systems are generally not associated with high end airworthiness standards. The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association destroys that preconception. Its membership includes the top-of-the-line manufacturers, Disassemblers, Parts Distributors, Material Recyclers, Leasing, Financing, Air Centers, Research & Development  . Its airworthiness standards are exemplary as evidenced by its Best Management Practices and exacting accreditation standards. It is an impressive array of information and organization.

As noted in the attached article the market is large, $80,000,000 this year. AFRA is leading the development of this market segment through careful, well-articulated standards. The introduction of this group during the naissance of the business has important implications for its future safety performance, economic contribution and regulatory consistency.

The efforts of AFRA to manage this expansion will hopefully avoid the headaches of the similar growth of Parts Manufacturing Approval. That segment of the business tried to capture the value preserved by the parts’ intellectual property and FAA approval. It did so without the early leadership of an organization like AFRA. In 1995 the FAA had to abruptly step in and create ex post facto standards in the form of Notice of Enforcement Policy. Now MARPA is providing the same sort of private industry leadership to PMA through an organization.

This is an excellent example of private initiative attempting to move an emerging industry towards the highest levels of airworthiness.

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