The Courts are Sadly the Forum Where FAA’s Sequestration Issue is being Placed

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ARTICLE: A4A Seeks to Halt FAA Furloughs to Protect Passengers and Shippers


Public policy professors would assert that policy, budget and operational issues for government agencies are best decided by Congress and/or the Executive Branch. Sadly neither the legislature nor the White House/DoT/FAA appears willing or able to establish a reasonable response to sequestration for the Air Traffic Control operation.

Airlines for America, the Airline Pilots Association and the Regional Airlines Association filed an appeal with the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The point of the suit is to stop the FAA from implementing its furlough order for controllers.

OMB has issued a directive to the FAA which mandates an alleged “across the board” approach to its sequestration program. The 10% reduction has resulted in closure of more than 50% of the Contract Air Traffic Control tower (another lawsuit). The same 10 % cut will cause 30% of the commercial flights to be delayed.

In the “good old days” the FAA would meet with industry before and discuss reduced staffing and the potential impact it would have on air carrier operations. The impact to the US economy has to be huge and the two very last things that the FAA should sequester are ATO and safety services.

It is truly unfortunate when aviation must resort to the courts to obtain a reasonable management plan for Air Traffic Control.

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  1. Vernon F. Peterson | April 27, 2013 at 2:42 pm | Reply

    According to the news the sequestration is 5%, why are air traffic controllers cut 10%?

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