A plane, Not a B-787, is Involved in an Incident

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ARTICLE: Plane Goes off Runway at Reagan National


Ever since the Lithium Ion Battery story first ran, every problem encountered by a B-787 received global press coverage. The Dreamliner is a state-of-the-art aircraft which incorporates new materials, a suite of new technologies and design elements first used on this plane. The track record of this aircraft is not different from other breakthrough aviation vehicles.

The battery problems were incidents, not accidents; no scheduled flight was cancelled due to a battery issue. The FAA’s grounding compelled the interruption of the schedules, rightfully so, while the anomalous fires were solved.

Since the FAA and the other civil aviation authorities concluded that the proposed solution resulted in an airworthy aircraft, every “blip” in the flight of this aircraft has been reported. Global coverage of an oil filter problem (part of the ENGINE) was written with the élan of an accident.

An airplane yesterday was taxied off a runway at Reagan National. Given the extraordinary reportorial fascination with the B-787, it’s not surprising that the headline was not written “An Aircraft, not the B-787, ran off a runway at DCA!”

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