A Look Back at 2013 by reviewing what YOU found most interesting of the JDA Journal; WHAT do YOU want to read in 2014?

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First, please accept our thanks to the 8,005 aviation professionals who visited these pages during 11,375 visits.

Below is what you deemed the most interesting posts as measured by the number of page views over the past 12 months:

1. New Flightcrew Member Duty and Rest Requirements Attract the Same Level of Controversy as the Old Flight and Duty Time Regulations – http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/new-flightcrew-member-duty-and-rest-requirements-attract-the-same-level-of-controversy-as-the-old-flight-and-duty-time-regulations/

2. Flight Attendants are Essential to Aviation Safety – http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/flight-attendants-are-essential-to-aviation-safety/

3. Boeing has FAA Organizational Design Approval – http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/boeing-has-faa-organizational-design-approval/


4. Acting FAA Administrator Confirms that Part 23 ARC is going to Propose New, Creative Aircraft Certification Process — http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/acting-faa-administrator-confirms-that-part-23-arc-is-going-to-propose-new-creative-aircraft-certification-process/

5. Restricted ATP Rating to Attract Military Plots to Civil Aviation – http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/restricted-atp-rating-to-attract-military-pilots-to-civil-aviation/

6. New GA Aircraft Design Brings Great Expectations – http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/new-ga-aircraft-design-brings-great-expectations/

7. NextGen Suffers Major Blow – http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/nextgen-suffers-major-blow/

8. Alaska Air’s use of Innovation and Data Points to SMS Implementation – http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/alaska-air%E2%80%99s-use-of-innovation-and-data-points-to-sms-implementation/as

9. In Aircraft Certification, perhaps Suppliers should Beware? – http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/in-aircraft-certification-perhaps-suppliers-should-beware/

10. New FAA Leadership Team for NextGen Unveiled – http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/new-faa-leadership-team-for-nextgen-unveiled/

And tied for 10

10. Susan Baer announces her Departure from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey – http://jdasolutions.aero/blog/susan-baer-announces-her-departure-from-the- port-authority-of-new-york-and-new-jersey/


These numbers give us some editorial targets to try to recreate in 2014. Even better would be comments from you—what you liked, what you would appreciate more of next year, what subjects were less interesting to you, etc. Please, please, please take a minute to share with us your THOUGHTS in the comment section below.

Equally, if you have a news event or topic on which you would like to comment, please send A NOTE to the JDA Journal’s editor (sandy_murdock@yahoo.com). This is meant to be a forum and guest writers are welcome within the parameters of our subject matter and tone.


We will publish again on January 6, 2014.

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